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So one of my younger friends asked me for some business ideas in December 2021; he is depressed about life. His last cash was just ₦400,000.

I told him to pay ₦5million, and he screamed! We laughed it off. “Never mind I will give u FREE tips”
I giggled.
“Okay get your pen to let’s draft something up. I had told him.
I will give you free business ideas and teach you something your professor will never tell you”. I told him.
Have you heard of silicon footwear covers? He said no. I explained to him that money is made when you solve a problem.
The rainy season is coming. People hate putting their shoes ? ? in puddles.
Many people don’t want to wear rubber shoes just because the roads are wet, especially the cooperate, folks.
Now those people are our target niche. We will solve that and you will cash out. Always understand your niche.
One silicone shoe cover is $9 on Amazon. We did a calculation, we can’t even break even if we sell it in Lagos.
Unit price is high and costs more than a shoe-over ₦5k. We need to make it cheaper and affordable so he can also make profits.
I said we would have to get this manufactured directly in China.
He was surprised !! Calm down, bro! Yes, you will get it manufactured in China.
I flipped my laptop open and asked him to put it on.
I connected my laptop through the Microsoft TeamViewer app to his.
I took control of his laptop screen as I guided him on the steps.
I taught him how to find and contact a reliable manufacturer in China with a good MOQ (minimum order quantity) through aliexpress directory.
He was seeing all my chats with them and learning it hands-on.
We got a manufacturer who gave MOQ = 500pieces at $0.9 per piece. That is ₦500 per one. No longer ₦5000.
We ordered 500 pieces which totaled ₦250,000.
He took delivery of it after three weeks and sold each for ₦1500.
“Bro ₦1500 is too small; You fit sell am ₦2000. Those are nice “.
He got more than 3 boutiques pre-ordered through him after they saw the sample.
He sold all out in under two days. He was amazed!! Wow!!
Total sales = ₦500 x ₦1500 = ₦750,000
Profit = ₦750,000 – ₦250,000 = ₦500,000 approximately!
He is now hooked on it. He increased his orders and I told him a few more things to add.
More so, I educated him on how to get those shipments quickly without Nigeria customs hassles.
This dude out of many others will mend you if you insult me. ???..
He is doing well. Ideas, knowledge, and good updates run the world. Don’t be scared to think outside the box.
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