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I know that many of you hardly reason Australia (despite its many benefits to immigrants compared to those other places y’all often prefer) but I’ll still go ahead and post this list of 40 most lucrative jobs in Australia, many (especially the professional ones) of which—apart from job guarantee and high income—will most likely hasten the facilitation of one’s permanent residency.

40 Most Lucrative Jobs in Australia

1. Warehouse worker
2. Security guard
3. Chef
4. Stonemason
5. Early childhood teacher
6. Bricklayer
7. Auditor
8. Motor mechanic
9. Plumber
10. Aged care worker
11. Industrial engineer
12. Gardener
13. Delivery driver
14. Registered nurse
15. Programmer
16. Supply and distribution manager
17. Cabinet maker (professional carpenter/home designer)
18. Sales assistant
19. Truck driver
20. Advertising manager
21. Physiotherapist
22. Occupational therapist
23. Special education teacher (for students with disabilities)
24. Electrician
25. Carpenter
26. Fitter
27. Psychologist
28. Social worker (funny how we often look down on this course in Naija universities)
29. High school teacher
30. Systems administrator
31. Policy analyst (perhaps for lawyers, economists and social scientists)
32. Painter
33. Solicitor (of course with Australian law degree)
34. Lecturer (among the most lucrative)
35. Management consultant (like business analysts)
36. Civil engineer
37. Human resources manager
38. Mining engineer
39. Construction manager (arguably the most sort-after job in Aussie)
40. General practitioner (like medical doctors — undoubtedly the highest earners in Aussie).


PS: Australia has a form of visa equivalent to Canadian express entry. The visa prioritises these courses and professions, especially if you have experience and expertise in them. They call it Global Talent Innovation visa and you can apply for it and, if successful, be granted a PR from outside Aussie. Please ask travel agents you know for advice and to help you with answers to any questions you may have. I honestly cannot.
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