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Best place to live in Canada for immigrants- Work Visa Requirements


Best place to live in Canada for immigrants

Canada Visa is issued to eligible overseas individuals to live in the country for a selected period. People have to apply for a  Visa only after getting employment offer or  contract from a Canadian employer. Lets talk on the best place to live in Canada for immigrants.

The employer must get approval from ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) an LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment).

They are the body that grants permission to recruit foreign skilled workers for occupations that can’t be filled in by citizens or permanent residents of Canada. As one of the world’s leading economies, Canada is a great destination for people seeking for greener pasture abroad.

Who can Apply for Canada Visa?

The Canadian  Visa allows business people, permanent workers, temporary workers, students etc, to live in Canada. Typically, applicants must have employment offer in hand so as to use for the  visa application. With our end-to-end overseas career solutions, thejobmedia is here to provide you expert advice that will guide you on how to apply for a Canadian work permit Visa.

10 Best place to live in Canada for immigrants

1.Ottawa, Ontario

  • Ottawa is selected as the best place to live in Canada for immigrants with low crime rate, good quality of life, public transport is awesome, with a low population.
  • Ottawa is listed as one of the best-educated cities in Canada.
  • A home to very standard and high-ranking universities, especially the University of Ottawa.
  • Though higher than average the cost of living in Ottawa is very affordable.
  • Very low unemployment.
  • The most growing areas of employment are naturally Applied Sciences, related education, law and community, and management occupations.
  • English language is mostly spoken, whereas an understanding and learning of French also benefits as regards integrating well into the community.

2.Oakville, Ontario

  • Oakville is my second choice best place to live in Canada for immigrants. It has a wonderful city to settle in.
  • This is a pleasant suburban town located in southern Ontario,30mins from downtown Toronto.
  • It is strategically located in both Toronto and Hamilton, allowing residents easy access to amenities and the job market of both cities while keeping the advantages of a small suburb.
  • The city is popular for its life science companies, especially in pharmaceuticals and eldercare.

3.Quebec City, Quebec

  • Added to the beauty, Quebec City’s quality of life for new immigrants is unmatched.
  • Daily groceries and amenities are quite competitive, also tuition fees here are very affordable.
  • Quebec offers free health care.
  • If you fancy the French language, Quebec City is the place you want to be, as it is the predominant language of communication.
  • Known for its friendliness and respect for diversity.
  • It is a tourist destination for most people because every year visitors from around the world choose to visit here.

4.Calgary, Alberta

  • This is the biggest city in Alberta and also, the third-largest urban area in Canada.
  • Canada’s oil industry fosters Calgary’s rapid growth.
  • A well-renowned city is attractive, especially to engineers, mechanics, miners, and entrepreneurs.
  • Calgary’s economic boom is due to the oil and gas industry, been a major driving force. Nevertheless, Calgary is in the process of diversifying its economy to other sectors.
  • The world-famous Banff National Park which is home to many of the natural wonders is sited here.
  • Its plethora of parks and playgrounds with a progressive school system makes it an awesome location to raise kids.
  • Crime rate here is low, while its unemployment is improving gradually, with many more new immigrants entering to live and work in Calgary.

5.Burlington, Ontario

  • This place is a perfect location for anyone who wants to live in a big city, also close to nature and great outdoor sites
  • A very good and quality lifestyle for residents with lots of schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities.
  • By ranking, Burlington is amongst the most expensive cities to live in Canada.
  • The city, however, boasts a low unemployment rate, has pleasant weather, a low crime rate, with high incomes.
  • Jobs are easy to find in Burlington.
  • Thriving industrial sectors in Burlington are food processing, packaging, electronics, transportation, business services, chemical, and environmental sectors.

6.Halifax, Nova Scotia

  • A low property tax, government jobs as the primary employer, a safe and clean environment, are characteristics, which make Halifax amongst the best cities to live in Canada.
  • Thousands of young professionals and new immigrants are welcomed to Halifax every year.
  • Halifax offers an enviable combination of urban and rural living, with an East Coast lifestyle which you will certainly fall in love with.
  • There are excellent housing options here, which cost competitively low, compare to other North American cities.
  • The major sources of industries currently at Halifax are; agriculture, fishing, mining, forestry, and natural gas extraction.

7.Kingston, Ontario

8.Toronto, Ontario

  • Is also a best place to live in Canada for immigrants. This famous city ranks high as one of the happiest places to live and work in the world.
  • The city is well known for its high quality of life, it is used to demonstrate excellence in innovation, health, safety and security, and ease of doing business.
  • However, housing cost is becoming quite high, thus making it less affordable.
  • The unemployment rate is also very low, consequently, individuals are reported to be satisfied with the varied array of job opportunities in the city.
  • A booming industry in Toronto is Information technology, in Toronto, all Silicon Valley’s companies have a very huge presence. Many artificial intelligence startups can also be found in Toronto.
  • There is a dynamic and exciting atmosphere in Toronto which is ideal for healthy and self-sufficient seniors to enjoy. Toronto is an ideal place to consider as a retirement home.

9.Montreal, Quebec

  • This city is Canada’s second-largest economy. Therefore best place to live in Canada for immigrants.
  • Montreal is one of the finest cities in Canada to raise kids, I dare to say in the world.
  • Montreal kids are likely to mature, into learning both the languages French and English.
  • Parents and guardians find it quite easy to enter the labor market or to continue their studies.
  • More than in other large cities in Canada. Generally, Living costs in Montreal are more affordable
  • Householders’ amenities are priced quite differently and generally charged per month.

10.Vancouver, British Columbia

  • This is a metropolitan city with the feel of a  small town, it is one of the most ethnically and linguistically diverse cities in Canada.
  • With 52% of its population listed as non-English speakers.
  • Most of Toronto’s unique neighborhoods present a plethora of opportunities as regards employment and recreational activities.
  • The city boasts itself as s family-friendly place, which is filled with amazing things to do with your kids.
  • The city has very highly rated educational institutions, therefore, it is a fine city to raise children.
  • The downside to Vancouver is that its cost of living and housing prices are very high when compared with other cities in Canada. Nevertheless, the average income and lifestyle in the city make it an excellent compensation, so its also chosen as one of the best place to live in Canada for immigrants.


Every year over 300,000 individuals are granted permission to live in Canada. This is a good opportunity for foreign workers seeking for a better life. Haven mentioned the best place to live in Canada for immigrants, lets talk on Canada work permit visa. Under the Canada work papers Visa you can:

  • Live and Work in Canada under your employer.
  • Earn in dollars
  • Travel across Canada
  • Apply for a PR visa at a later date




Applicants must show proof that they’re  qualified for the job offer.  Documents must be submitted in English. The Canadian working  Visa is good for temporary workers, foreign graduates , Canadian universities graduates and  businessmen.


  • Give proof that you will move out of Canada on the expiry of your visa.
  • Have documents showing that you  have enough funds to support yourself and your family during your stay in Canada.
  • Have no record of any criminal activity and submit a police clearance certificate as proof.
  • Are not a danger  or threat to Canada’s security.
  • Must show proof of covid-19 test and must be certified fit to work in Canada.
  • Have no plans to leave your employer to work for another employer who may be listed as ineligible by the govt. Probably  because they did not meet certain conditions.
  • Have no plans to work  for an employer who offers erotic dance, escort services, striptease, or erotic massages.
  • Must be able to provide any documents demanded by officers to qualify your entry to Canada.



  • A valid passport with a validity of over 6 months from the planned date of arrival in Canada.
  • Two recent passport-sized photographs
  • Educational qualification certificates
  • Proof of professional qualifications, including work experience
  • Proof of getting adequate financial resources for their expenses during their stay in Canada
  • Medical examination required to be done from registered hospitals.
  • Application fee

  Applicants should also be ready to convince immigration officials that they will return to their home country at the expiration of their work permit.


There are two types of work permits given by Canadian authorities- open work permit and an employer-specific work permit. An open work permit basically allows you to work for any employer. 

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This visa isn’t job-specific, so applicants don’t require the Labor market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or a suggestion letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee.

With an open work permit you’ll work for any employer in Canada apart from those companies that don’t suits labor requirements or are involved in services like escort services, erotic massage or exotic dancing. While the employer-specific work permit pertains to one employer, the open working permit can include certain conditions which can be :

  • Type of work
  • Places where you’ll be able to work
  • Duration of labor


  • Temporary Work Permits for spouses
  • Post-Graduation working papers
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • World Youth Program Permit
  • Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program Spousal Permit
  • Regular Open work papers
  • Bridging Open visas


  • Proof of money resources which will support you and your family’s stay in Canada during the work papers validity
  • Proof that you simply don’t have any history of a criminal offense
  • Proof that you simply are in good health
  • Willingness to stick to the conditions of your work papers whether or not you’re given a restricted legal document
  • Meet eligibility conditions like language skills, biometric data, and insurance


The government of Canada allows immigration for relations under the dependent visa category.


You may be entitled to go with your spouse and kids  in Canada if you obtain employment offer from a Canadian employer. Your children are going to be eligible to attend Canadian educational institutions without having to obtain separate study permits. Your spouse also will be able to apply for a job in Canada.


Some members of a family like a spouse or children may be included within the dependent visa application to Canada, whereas parents and grandparents must be sponsored by permanent residents or Canadian citizens. The sponsors must promise to support and accompany the loved one or relative for a period of three to ten years to make sure that they’re well-settled in Canada.


Family members eligible for Canada’s Dependent Work Permit are:


  • Spouse, spousal or common-law partners over the age of 16
  • Both parents and grandparents
  • Dependent children, including adopted children
  • Children under 18 whom you’d prefer to adopt
  • Siblings, nephews and nieces, children under 18, orphans and unmarried
  • Other relatives who reside in or outside Canada

Children are subject to the following criteria:

  • Children younger than 22, unmarried or without a common-law partner
  • Children who became a spouse / common-law partner before they reach the age of twenty-two and are highly obsessed with parents for financial assistance
  • Children who are financially dependent on their parents until they reach age 22.


You will have to provide the following documents in order to get Canada Dependent Visa for your family members Recorded evidence of your status and income over the past 12 months to prove you’re financially stable and capable to support your family.

  1. If you’re sponsoring a Canadian Dependent Visa for your child then he or she:
  2. Must be younger than 22 years.
  3. Should be able to show that they depend on you financially.
  4. If your child is unable to earn his or her own money for a few reason, either physically or mentally, then you’ll be able to sponsor him after giving enough proof.
  5. The child should be either your biological or adopted child.
  6. To prove your relationship, you must provide a credential or adoption certificate
  7. The child will have to undergo a medical and criminal test and should be prevented from entering the country if a listing or medical condition that’s likely to be contagious or cause a pandemic has been found to be present.


  • Passport & travel history
  • Background documentation
  • Spouse/partner documentation including marriage certificate
  • Other proof of relationship
  • Completed application & consulate fees

Is IELTS required for Canada Work Visa?

IELTS is mandatory for anyone if they’re applying for Canada PR Visa. Your IELTS score will have a decent influence on your CRS score in Express Entry. Thus, it’s unfeasible to apply for the Canada Work Visa without passing  the IELTS test with the desired bands.

What are the documents required for Canada Work Visa?

An overseas worker applying for Canada Work Visa must collate all the desired documents from the employer. they’re going to also need the below forms and documents:

  • A valid Passport or Travel document
  • 2 photos together with photos of members of the family who you are traveling with you
  • Proof that you are qualified for the potential job in Canada
  • Evidence of accessible funds
  • Evidence of relationships with Common-law partner, Spouse, or children
  • Completed form IMM 1295 for Work Visa applied outside Canada
  • Completed form IMM 5488 Document Checklist
  • Completed form IMM 5645 Family Information
  • Completed form Schedule One –TRV/ Temporary Resident Visa Application
  • Completed form IMM 5409 Legal Statement of Common-law Union
  • Completed form IMM 5476 to be used by a Representative 


Canada Open working papers is obtainable to a foreign national only through  the LMIA – Labour Market Impact Assessment exemptions. They’ll apply for the Open Visa at a port of entry outside Canada. The application may be submitted after arrival to Canada in line with the requirements of the program.


There are three categories of open work permits:

  • Unrestricted open work permits
  • Occupation restricted open  work permit
  • Restricted legal work permit

The unrestricted open work permit allows a foreigner to come to Canada and work there on any job for any employer and at anywhere. The occupation restricted open working permits allows the person to work for any employer but only during a specified job. With a restricted working permits, the individual can change the   employer but not the place of labor.


How can I get Work Permit for Canada from  another country?


Canada Work Visa is obtainable from any country by anyone  who intends to live in Canada. You must not be a PR holder in Canada before you can apply for a work permit. Canada working papers application from another country requires verification from the labour market in Canada. it’s called the LMO – Labour Market Opinion. The application for Work Visa will be submitted only after getting positive LMO. The Canada Work Visa process involves 2 stages:

  1. The first stage, the employer in Canada must get approval from the govt of Canada to employ overseas workers.
  2. The second step, the designated employee must apply for obtaining the Work Visa after getting permission.

How do they process the application ?

  • The application is checked to confirm if the applicant meet  all the mandatory documents.
  • Incomplete applications are sent back.
  • You must undergo a medical check up to confirm you are fit to come into Canada.
  • You might also have to give your biometrics during the application
  • An officer will check the credentials of the employer who has hired you
  • An officer will check if you qualify for a work permit
  • After approval of your application you may get a letter granting you the permission to come to Canada
  • You will get your legal document on arrival in Canada
  • It will have details of the kind of labor you may do, mention the employer and as well the place and duration of your work


Can a spouse or common law partner get a work permit in Canada?

Yes, in most cases, they’ll need a work permit to live in Canada. However, they have to individually apply for the work permit. In some cases, they will also need to apply for an open work permit which allows them to search for any job with any employer. The employer must get an LMIA to use the person. The spouse dependent work papers are going to be processed in 1 to three months.

What are the advantages of getting a spouse dependent visa?

  • Your spouse can work full time in Canada.
  • Your spouse won’t be required to clear the IELTS
  • Your spouse can start working as soon as they arrive in Canada
  • There is no minimum work experience required to file for a spouse dependent working papers
  • Your spouse can be with you as long as your visa is valid

When can one apply for a spouse dependent work permit?

You can apply for spouse dependent working permit as soon as you get your study/work permit in Canada. you’ll get them approximately around 15 days from arrival.

What is an open work permit?

The visa isn’t job-specific. Applicants do  not need the Labour market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or a suggestion letter from an employer who has paid the compliance fee.  However not everyone are eligible for the open work visa.

Who is eligible for the open-work permit?

  • Individuals including foreigners who need employment to support themselves
  • Applicants for PR visa
  • Dependent relations of those applicants
  • Spouses of trained worker residents
  • Spouses of foreign students
  • Foreign nationals currently in Canada whose official document will soon expire and have applied for permanent residence
  • Refugees, protected persons, and their relatives
  • Participants in working holiday programs
  • International students who completed their post- educational activity in Canada

What happens after my Canada work papers application is approved?

  • Once your work papers application is approved, you’ll be able to visit Canada with the PoE Letter of Introduction.
  • You will get your official document in Canada at the PoE the day that you simply arrive in the country.
  • You get an approval letter – called the Port of Entry (PoE) Letter of Introduction – stating that you  are allowed to live in Canada.


When do I get my Canada work permit?


A Canadian visa will specifically mention:

  •  The employer that you  can work for,
  • How long are allowed to work for, and
  •  Where you are allowed to live in the  country.

What is given in Canada work permit?

A 9-digit social welfare Number (SIN) are going to be required for working in Canada and for accessing government benefits and programs. You should be applying for a SIN – at the closest Service Canada office – as soon as possible after arriving in Canada.

Can I stay in Canada permanently?

To be able to remain in Canada on a permanent basis after entering the country on a Canada working papers, the individual must qualify under any of the permanent resident categories available. For example, the Express Entry system, Canadian PNP, Agri-Food Pilot, Atlantic Immigration Pilot etc.

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