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Top 10 Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria

Business to start with 500k in Nigeria

Is there any profitable Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria? This question has been come very common among the entrepreneur and business minded youth in Nigeria.

It’s no longer news that business is the backbone of every booming economy of a nation, and as such, lots of youths want to be an entrepreneur and possibility build a career out of it while building the economy in the process.

The truth is, there are countless number of business to start with 500k in Nigeria, but are they all profitable? Can they survived the unstable economy in the country?

These questions are very vital before considering starting any business, because there is no point starting a none profitable business or business that can’t stand the test of time.

Previously, we discussed about lucrative business ideas you can venture into and make a life out of it, but today, we’ll be discussing the lucrative business to start with 500k in Nigeria. So rest your seat and enjoy.

Top 10 Business To Start With 500k In Nigeria

Like I promised earlier, the following are the Business to start with 500k in Nigeria.

  • Mini Importation business
  • Printing and publishing business
  • Saloon Business
  • Car Washing Business
  • Sport betting Business
  • POS Business
  • Football Viewing center /
  • Game center
  • Rental Business for Event
  • Equipment
  • DJ Business
  • Real Estate Business
  • Block molding Business
  • Agriculture business
  • Laundry Service

1. Mini Importation Business:

Mini Importation business is of the Business to start with 500k in Nigeria.
Mini importation business has to do with buying of used clothes from other country like UK , USA and other foreign countries, if you want the business to growth big you can deal on importation of gadgets, TV and laptops etc.

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All you need to do is look for an agent who stay in USA , UK depending on where you are buying your good and also who has run the business and has experience in it. with 500k, you can order your goods and have it delivered to you in Nigeria.
This business is good when you start big so that you will hit big profit daily in the business.

2. Real Estate Business:

Real estate business is another profitable business to start with 500k and make profit from it.

A lot of people thought going into real estate business, you must have millions of dollars to build estate and rent out for people but is not like that .
You can actually register your business and start running agency and advertise other people estate and act as an Agent and earn commission on each customers your bring to rent apartments or buying property.

You must actively involved in publicizing your Real Estate Business to be known especially on social media like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

3. Car Washing Business:

Just like laundry business you just need space and material you’ll use work. There are lot of cars on the road that need to been wash on a daily basic, most of this car users don’t have the chance to wash their cars instead, they use the service of car wash to saved their time.

Pls Note. This type of business need better location for this business to grow and make profit and is mostly located by the road site .


4. POS Business

With 500k you can start a standard POS shop where people can carry out transaction to avoid the hudle of going to the bank.
POS business required better location and street where people are always busy like business area and sometimes a bit far from banking location.

5. Printing and publishing business:

Printing and publishing is another profitable business to start with 500k in Nigeria. People hardly go a day without printing out materials like flyer, banner, billboard, newspaper, book and many other.

The main thing here is to have the printing machine and the work place to carry out the activities of printing and publishing.
Other material required is ink and the paper and stand by power source to run the heavy machine in the work station.

6. Block molding Business:

This is another Business to start with 500k in Nigeria.
There is no how construction will stop in this country, every day people are building houses and a lot of construction site every where, so the demands for Blocks is very high .
All you need is capital to purchase the land to start up the site and other machine used in the site to make the work run fast and smooth.
The main material used in this Block molding site is sand and cement to keep the business running.

7. DJ Business:

DJ business is yet another lucrative business to start with 500k, DJ are in high demands every where in the country because every week there must be occasion that required DJ to play and entertainment guest in the occasion.
All you need to have is laptop and DJ set and you are good to go.

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8. Saloon Business:

Saloon is very lucrative business to start and make profit daily from it.
Saloon included barbing shop, Hair dresser shop and it required better location and more for the business to growth well.

9. Agriculture business:
This is one of the most profitable business to start with 500k in Nigeria and make money daily, agriculture business required large portion of land to start and machine to used in the farm to make the work easy.
Good cash crops you can go into include; cassava, plantain, yam, banana, among others.

Others activities that give money daily in agriculture business is investing in Livestock ( chicken ,Goat, pig Fish etc)

10. Sport betting Business:

This is another business to start with 500k in Nigeria,
sport betting business is one of the fast growing business in Nigeria, as most of the Nigeria youth love to play betting a lot as and investment plan to put money and double it on regular basics.

you need to sign up with bet company like bet9ja, betking these are the most top bet play by people in Nigeria .
When the bet company approved you to be their agent you are in for business and that paid you commission almost every week.

The above, are the Business to start with 500k in Nigeria and make profit from it, the main thing in business is to make profit from it and keep the business running.


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