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Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad

Which Country is the cheapest to work and study abroad?

Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad- If you are looking for the cheapest and affordable countries to study and work in abroad then,this article is for you.

Studying abroad is a dream come true for many international students.  But when you look at the high cost of school  fees and living expenses over there, it becomes a thing to worry about.

Can I work and study abroad?

Yes, you can. To survive with the high cost of living in abroad, many students will have no choice than to get a part-time job to support them. The idea of getting a part time job while in school is also good because you will gain experience while at the job.

Unfortunately, many foreign countries have their own rules and regulations as regards to part-time jobs for international students.

Some country’s laws are against students getting a part job. In as much as some countries are not in support of their students to work and study for various reasons, there are also other countries that allow their students to take up part-time jobs that does not affect their studies.

Some European Countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, and co, allows their students to get part-time jobs scheduled for  particular hours of the week that would not affect the students academics. And the student must be paid on an hourly rate.

There are some Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad. Some of these countries also create platforms where students can get scholarships, grants offers, and other forms of  financial support throughout their course of study.

 Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad

Studying abroad can sometimes be easy, in as much as the student’s style  of living is not extravagant. The student must be able to adjust  to the system of the country which he live in.

This article enumerated 10  Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad where international students can study and also work by getting part-time jobs.

As an international student, you should also be aware that not all countries which offer admission to international students allows them to work.

And even the countries that permit their students to work have different laws and regulations guiding them.

So before you finally make up your mind to study abroad, It’s important to familiarize yourself  with these rules and requirements before you  apply to study in any country.

Below are the top 10 cheapest countries to study and work abroad for international students

1. Germany

Germany is one of the top 10 Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad  due to its free tuition fees for undergraduates and PhD courses.

Germany’s free tuition in some of its states has placed  the country at the top ranked hot list of study abroad options for international students.

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Germany have high quality of education, low cost of living and also student-friendly environment.

Many international students are permitted to work and study in Germany provided they have all it takes and have fulfilled the working conditions as required by the country.

In Germany, students are not restricted to work anywhere. They are given the privilege to choose from the different work options made available to them.

International students who want to work in Germany are given the grace to work for a period of 90 days in one calendar year and they are paid at an hourly rate. You can also apply for  scholarship for low income students as an international students.


Poland is one of affordable and Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad in Europe. The country is a home to some of the oldest institutions and has a good educational system.

The general cost of living in this country is very affordable when compared to some other European countries like the UK. Students can work and study to boost their living status.

Poland permits international students to work for a period of 20 hours in a week during school sessions and the student can work for full time when the school is on break. This is only when the student work permit is issued.

3.South Africa

South Africa is a country with a diverse community and culture with a rising economy. South Africa is one of the Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad with an affordable educational system with a high standard of education.

Gradually, SA is becoming a center for study for international students from different parts of the world who seek to  exchange ideas and explore different cultures.

If you have a valid student visa, you will be permitted to work for not more than 20 hours in a week.

Students can get jobs on-campus, off-campus provided all requirements are met and can also apply for scholarship.


Taiwan is a country in Asia. Taiwan is one of the cheapest countries to study and work for international students.

The tuition fees and cost of living is arguably low with high standards educational system. This allows the country to stay on the top list  of international students seeking for admission abroad.

Although small, Taiwan is said to be a good  choice for international students who are in search of an affordable place of study.

As an international student, Taiwan will permit you to work for 20 hours in a week. But before you are permitted to work, you have to obtain a valid work permit from the right authorities.


Lithuania is a very small European country with a  high standard of educational system just like other European  countries.

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Its also has some English taught programs, since English is the main language. Lithuania has a very affordable tuition fee and low cost of living.

International students are permitted to work in Lithuania but only if they have a valid residency permit which allows the student to work for 20 hours in a week week and up to three months for full time when the school is on break. Think of one of the Cheapest Countries to Study and Work Abroad? Think of Lithuania.


Malaysia ranks high in the list of the Cheapest Countries to Study and Work  abroad for international students.

Malaysia is a country with high standard of education.  This is due to the fact that most of its campuses are affiliated with the United Kingdom institutions.

Malaysia also permits international students to work and study for a duration of 20 hours in a week provided that the students have a valid student visa which can be obtained through the Malaysian ministry of labor.

International students can get part-time jobs at restaurants, mini markets, petrol kiosks, hotels and many more.

7. Argentina

Argentina is the second-largest country in Southern America. They boasts of a very beautiful landscape. They are ranked as one of the safest countries in the world that welcomes foreigners.

Foreign students  in Argentina are allowed to work while they further their studies. Students are permitted for no specific duration provided their studies are not affected by the jobs. Also, the student must have a valid student visa with a work permit.


Belgium is a country in Europe. They have an affordable living status and welcomes foreigners.

The country is also boasts for quality educational background which makes it another cool place to study abroad.

Belgium allows international students to work and study but only with a valid residence permit.

During school hours, the student can work for a duration of 20 hours in a week and full time during semester breaks.

Working for more than the general accepted 20hours by the law during school sessions may result in the termination of such a student’s visa. Some schools in Belgium also offers scholarship for students.


Vietnam is known  for its tourist attractions and beautiful landscapes. Vietnam is an affordable study abroad choice for  international students.

The country has a diverse culture and they  welcome foreigners. Students can take up part-time jobs in Vietnam while they study to boast their financial needs.

As an international student, you can work in the  few options available for employment in the country like; Teaching English, working in malls and showrooms, working in restaurants and so on.

10. Thailand

Thailand is also a very popular tourist country with an affordable lifestyle. The country is gradually becoming a place where international students who like to experience something unique would want to go.

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The country is not well known among international students but with its cultural background, low cost of living and also a good educational system, it is a nice place to study.

Students can work and study in Thailand provided they have work permit which is done by the Royal Ministry of labor in Thailand.

Factors to Consider When in Search of an Affordable Country to Study & Work Abroad

As a student looking to study abroad, When  searching for an affordable country to study and work abroad, there are many factors  which you must consider. Starting from the point of your Visa application process down to your work permit application in the country.

First, it is helpful to check and plan according to your pocket.  I mean according to your financial strength.

This is because many international countries would require you to provide your account statement to proof that you’re capable to care for yourself all through your stay in the country.

Some countries wants proof of funds throughout your stay in the country before they will grant you  entrance into their country.

So to avoid this long process of providing account statement, it would be wise to tell them that you want to work while you study.

Some of the factors which you can consider as you search and compare your options include;

  • The  average cost of living in the country, accommodation, transportation, feeding and so on
  • Standard of education in the country and the school fees
  • Cost and duration of processing of the student visa and necessary documents
  • Reviews/comments from other international students of your choice of institution or country
  • Requirements and conditions needed for work and study in the country of you choice if you intend to work and study.

To study abroad, plan according to your financial strength. Make a thorough research for institutions that are very affordable with low or affordable cost of living and offers quality education.

As I said earlier, the countries that permit international students to work and study have their own terms and conditions which you must meet if you intend to work and study.

They have different criteria that they required you to meet. Therefore it is wise to note these requirements before you proceed in your application.

If you  fail to abide by the rules most of the time will results in either revoking your student’s visa or working with no pay.

In this article, I  have outlined the different countries with cheap and affordable costs of living and education to help you make you make an informed choice of the perfect study abroad destination.


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