Deutsche Welle Akademie Master Degree Scholarship for Journalists

Application Deadline: March 30th 

Undergraduate students from all over the world who are interested in pursuing a position of responsibility in the field of reporting or correspondence are encouraged to apply for the DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship Program. It is directed specifically toward columnists who are currently working on their pieces, media delegates from radio, television, online, and print media, and correspondence specialists.

Those who are interested need to have completed an educational exercise program (either a four-year certification or an equivalent) and have had at least one year of professional experience working in a media-related field following the completion of their first degree.

The program is control in English.

Particularly focused on at:

  1. –  Media agents from radio, TV, on-line and print
  2. – Journalists-in-preparing, especially from electronic media
  3. –  Journalists and the executives from local area radio broadcasts
  4. –  Communication specialists
  5. –  NGO representatives
  6. –  Employees from services
  7. –  Employees from agreeable advancement groups and undertakings
  8. –  Representatives from local working groups and public telecasters
  9. –  Media affiliation agents


Undergraduates about to begin their studies in countries that are not industrialized will submit applications for the scholarship. The grant will cover your living expenses as well as any other necessary expenses. the reimbursement will include not only the coaching fees but also the cost of the flight. Once the machine point has been reached, the board will come to the conclusion that applicants are to be awarded a grant.

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Application Process:

Intending students are required to submit their applications through an online application system. Before going to the application link, it might be a good idea to look over the requisite knowledge that has been provided below. Make sure you have all the necessary application materials on hand before you start entering your information into the online application structure.

  • Letter of inspiration (max. 700 words; font “Arial”, size 10.; spacing 1,5; marked and dated)
  • Current CV (Europass design, marked and dated)
  • Authentication of your first instructional exercise degree(s) (counting ALL records)
  • Confirmation of at least one year’s talented mastery during a media-related field AFTER getting your first award (for a grant you need to give evidence of at least 2 years of gifted insight)
  • Authentication of APS (for up-and-comers who finished their certification in China or Vietnam)
  • Evidence of sufficient English language skills (C1-Level or higher as per the “Normal European Framework”)

For extra Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the DW Akademie Master Degree Scholarship

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