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Diploma Course in Jeddah

Diploma studying in Jeddah.

A Diploma Course in Jeddah is a document that indicates a student has effectively completed close study of a given field,

topic or area of study. Secondly, Diploma course in Jeddah are typically awarded by academic institutions

and indicate mastery of a particular field or subject.

 Diploma Courses in Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

1. Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics:

Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management & Logistics is certified by CIQ, UK as a professional

awarding body from the UK. This PG Diploma Qualification helps professionals or senior managers in

organizations working in the world of supply chain and logistics. However, Graduates of this program will work

with marketing, operations, accounting, finance, and information systems to ensure that

products/services are created and delivered, based on a total system view from suppliers to end

customers. This Supply Chain & Logistics Diploma course will up-skill participants and provide them

with the necessary expertise to meet the Logistics challenges in the future.

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2. Post Graduate Diploma Course in Jeddah in Business Management:

This online and part-time PG Dip Business Management will provide you with core

knowledge of commercial best practices and help you to develop the interpersonal and

professional skills required to succeed in business. The online PG Dip Business Management

will provide you with the key business and management knowledge and skills you need. You

can also choose optional modules to tailor your course to your career goals, with topics

including business strategy, human resources and project management. At the end of the

course, you will be able to continue your studies and advance onto the full Master’s programme

3. USW MBA – Master of Business Administration

Our program, with its experiential curriculum, built-in strategic management, leadership, marketing,

HR, supply chain, business analytics, research, and international perspective, promises a transformation

journey for the learner seeking better, smarter ways of doing business through a course of

learning that you can apply directly to business problems level. Read More..

4.Postgraduate Diploma (Swiss Hotel Management School)

The Postgraduate Diploma corresponds to the first year of the Master of International Business

in Hotel and Resort Management program. Students entering the Postgraduate Programme

typically hold an undergraduate degree in studies unrelated to the field of hospitality and wish to

change their career path, drawn by the exciting career opportunities that the global hospitality

industry has to offer. This course also acts as a pathway into the MIB in Hotel and Resort

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Management or the MSc in International Hospitality Management. Read More..

5. Postgraduate Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Going beyond academic excellence, our Postgraduate Degrees provide education that is

straight to the point, practical, and efficient. The students have the opportunity to put their

hands on real-world business case studies, have company visits, and put into practice all of the

skills they acquire. Read More..

6. Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration

TSIBA Business School offers a leading-edge 18-month postgraduate qualification via a blend of

contact, synchronous (online face to face), and asynchronous (in your own time) learning methods.

The blended model of delivery provides a student-friendly experience in alignment with our

ethos of providing exceptional business education and universal access to it. Read More..

7. PG Diploma Course in Business with Finance

Firstly, the online and part-time PG Dip Business with Finance will provide you with a thorough

understanding of the practices and theories used in today’s business environments. Whether you

want to work for a public, private or non-profit making company, this course will help you to develop

the necessary transferable skills and cross-functional abilities. Our 100% online PG Dip Business with

Finance will introduce you to fundamental business and management theories. It will also advance

your knowledge about financial management theories, models, techniques and more. At the end of

the course, you will be able to continue your studies and advance onto the full Master’s programme.

8. PG Dip Project Management

The efficient transformation of resources into the desired project outcome can be challenging

for project managers. This 100% online and part-time PG Dip Project Management will teach you

the required cutting-edge project management techniques and tools you need to know to be a

successful project manager. Through this online PG Dip Project Management, you will develop an

advanced understanding of the topics, principles, theories and practices within project management.

You will learn how to effectively manage projects and you will also gain management knowledge

that can help you to progress your career in a wide variety of organisations and industries.

At the end of the course, you will be able to continue your studies and advance onto the full Master’s programme.

List of universities in Jeddah,Saudi Arabia for international student:

1. King Abdullah University of Science and Technology | KAUST

The University’s award-winning campus has everything you need to live, work, study and play.


Designed to inspire and motivate our faculty, students and staff and their families to maintain an

active lifestyle, KAUST is more than a University. With state-of-the-art fitness facilities, a golf course,

numerous fine dining and casual fare restaurants, an Elementary and a Secondary schools and the

Red Sea just steps away, there is something for everyone to study diploma Course in Jeddah

KAUST advances science and technology through distinctive and collaborative research integrated with

graduate educations. We aspire to be a destination of scientific and technological education and research. Apply Here.

2. Effat University:

The Effat university strive to impact international and humanistic Islamic values to its student.

It prepares them to become effective members to their respective institution and useful contribution

to the society without being narrow-minded or possess with liberalism which lead to dissolution.

Effat University is a private non-profit institution of higher education for women in Saudi Arabia,

operating under the umbrella of King Faisal Charitable Foundation. On 30 January 2009, Effat

College became Effat University, Read More and Apply.

3. Dar Al-Hekma University

Dar Al-Hekma University is a private, non-profit institution of higher education for women in J

eddah, Saudi Arabia. More so Classes are taught in English and is located in the heart of the metropolitan

city of Jeddah. The university started in September 1999, with the approval of the Saudi

Ministry of Education. Read more/Apply.

4. Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies:

Ibn Sina National College for Medical Studies is the first private medical college of higher

education to be opened under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education in the

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. However, the Ibn Sina was Promoted by and affiliated with the Al-Jedani Group of Hospitals,

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it is located in the southern part of the historic city of Jeddah, near

the picturesque Red Sea coast. With a diverse range of very experienced national and international

faculty members, Ibn Sina successfully provides an appropriate scientific atmosphere for teaching

and learning Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing courses. Read More…

5. University of Business Technology Jeddah Saudi Arabia:

University of business and technology is a private higher education institution and is

located in Jeddah. However the university is considered one of the leading in Saudi Arabia. The teaching

staff includes 300 highly qualified specialists. Read More/Apply

6. King Abdulaziz University

Firstly, King Abdulaziz University is a public university in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. It was established

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in 1967 as a private university, by a group of businessmen led by Muhammad Abu Bakr

Bakhashab and including writer Hamza Bogary.

KAU is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Designed by English architect John Elliott.

In 2016, it was ranked the top Arab university by Times Higher Education.

Read More/Apply Here…

Prince Sultan College of Business Jeddah.

Prince Sultan College of Business was established to meet the Saudi labor market

demands in the fields of business administration. The College also develops academic

programs and prepares university graduates to cope with the economic development

process and requirements of the era of globalization. This is supported by training courses that

are designed to increase ability and enhance and strengthen competitive advantages. Read More…

Lifestyle in Jeddah

  • Firstly, the culture shock in Jeddah can be challenging to overcome, but if you research your
  • options thoroughly, you will see that there are plenty of opportunities for foreigners to
  • avoid the strict local traditions.
  • The Saudi Arabia public healthcare system is of a high standard – just make sure you
  • research health insurance and vaccinations to ensure you are prepared on arrival.
  • There is still no extensive public transportation system in Jeddah, because the easiest way to
  • get around is by car, whether it be a taxi or with a private driver.

However, Jeddah is a vibrant city, so don’t worry about traveling, living, and studying in Jeddah, because this city is

considered a melting pot of different cultures due to the large number of expatriates living and

working in it. Students from across the world studying diploma Course in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia are enjoying life experiences in

Jeddah. The public healthcare system in Saudi Arabia is of high standards. There are also many places

and things to do in Jeddah, as it is a city full of entertainment activities such as shopping in the most

luxurious malls, eating in the finest restaurants, and walking on its beautiful beaches. The most

distinctive feature of that city is that it is located near Makkah, which enables Muslims to perform

Umrah or Hajj. It really is an amazing city.

In Conclusion, entry requirements for universities in Saudi Arabia will vary depending on the institution. Applicants

are generally asked for proof of previous academic qualifications and grades, proof of proficiency in

English (or Arabic for some programs) with TOEFL/IELTS, official identification and passport photos.

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