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Divorce Stigma Scholarship, Apply Now

Divorce Stigma Scholarship Sponsored by Atlanta Divorce Law Group.

 The Atlanta Divorce Law Group reward a Divorce Stigma Scholarship to all students that have interest

 for one or more years to hear them share their involvement in divorce and how it differing from the

negative stigma that cover divorce today. Most importantly, the stain of divorce in individual can be

settle on a complete choice for the family’s future that doesn’t come from a position of

duty and disgrace. TADLG  agrees that when debt happens, the families can get an

arrest in useless connections and instead of making development towards turning into a

better and more joyful family that might be under an amazing structure in connection

to marriage and in case still a good family.

The Atlanta Divorce Law Group wants you to share your story with them and clarify them on how a

divorce view of a dear partner or relative can be affected.

A $1,000 gift is given to the winner of the scholarship, secondly the winner is selected based on the

belief listed below, However the grant is given to further the winner’s education.

The Divorce Scholarship Eligibility:

This qualification is essential for the Divorce Stigma Scholarships.

  1. Applicants must be currently or about to attend a license community college, undergraduate,
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and graduate program within the United States.

2. Applicants should have a base  GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

3. The candidate is expect to write a 750+ words  as article clarifying how divorce experience can

create a positive result for them.

How to Apply for this Grant:

All the applicants needs the following to apply:

  1.  A Resume
  2.  A current learned record with certainly clear Cumulative GPA
  3.  A 750-word article depicting a divorce that have a positive result for those required instead of the negative experience that is generally connect with divorce.

The deadline for this application is 28th of February, 2022

In conclusion, All candidate should forward their email to [email protected] with the subject line

[Applicant’s name] – The Divorce Stigma Scholarship.

Application link: the-divorce-stigma-scholarship


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