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Get Up to $5,000 at PCN Bank-Get a cash bonus when you fund a new or existing PNC Investments Managed Account.

Get Started Investing Today

Simply discuss the funding of a new or current PNC Investments (PNCI) Managed Account with a PNC Investments (PNCI) Financial Advisor. When a new account is opened, the funding need must be met within the first thirty days, and the funding requirement for existing accounts must be met by November 15, 2022.

You will benefit from a personalised investment strategy, continual account monitoring and rebalancing as required, expert portfolio management, and more when you have a PNCI Managed Account.

Available Offers

Invest $25,000-$49,999 Get $125
Invest $50,000-$99,999 Get $250
$100,000-$174,999 Get $500
Invest $175,000-$249,999 Get $1,000
Invest $250,000-$374,999 Get $1,500
Invest $375,000-$499,999 Get $2,250
Invest $500,000-$749,999 Get $3,250
Invest $750,000 or more Get $5,000

PCN also offers a number of managed account options with various minimums – making professional money management accessible to more investors.

PNC Investments – Managed Accounts

Accounts Managed on Your Behalf

The PNC Directions

PNC Directions is an investment advising programme offered by PNC Bank that provides guidance on mutual fund and exchange traded fund investments to clients who are just starting out on the path to attaining their monetary objectives. When compared to other managed account services, PNC Directions requires only a minimum initial deposit of $5,000 for a portfolio that consists of either exchange-traded funds or mutual funds. Other managed account services may require a substantial commitment upfront.

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The Capital Directions

Capital Directions is an adaptable and unified managed account programme that allows you to combine professionally managed portfolios into a single account. This account is built to fit with the investment goals and level of risk tolerance you have specified. Investment advisors are responsible for buying and selling exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, stocks, and bonds on their clients’ behalf. Minimum account size: $50,000.

Portfolio Solutions

Portfolio Solutions provides a managed account experience that is adaptable to your needs. Investors have the option of working with a PNCI Financial Advisor to personalise a portfolio or choosing from a list of approved third-party asset managers to pursue a specific investment plan. Both of these options are available to investors.

You should understand that:

As with all investments, investing in securities offered through managed accounts involves risk.

  • The performance of the past is not necessarily indicative of future results.
  • Any investment you make could suffer from the adverse effects of certain market and/or interest rate risks, which could result in a loss for your account.
  • The risk criteria that you present to your advisor are merely suggestions; there is no assurance that they will be achieved or surpassed in any way.
  • When redeemed, the value of an investor’s shares in a fund may be lower than the amount that was paid to purchase those shares in the first place.
  • Target allocations and fund research recommendations do not come with any kind of money-back guarantee that they will safeguard an investment from being lost.
  • It’s possible that PNC Directions only offers a restricted selection of investments, both in terms of number and diversity. (The degree of restriction will be evaluated in relation to other comprehensive investment schemes.)

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