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There are innumerable methods to make money, especially in college, as I have frequently stated. People are only constrained from doing it internally, not externally.

They give themselves justifications, such as “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t know where to begin.”

Well, I’m removing some of those justifications today. Here is my list of more than 100 methods to earn money while you’re in college.

Sincerely, I poured every possible revenue-generating idea into this list. Some of them have been repeated numerous times. You might not know some of them.

Here are the categories we’ve given the various tasks in order to help organize the list. Although we made an effort to rank the things from most lucrative to least lucrative, each has advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Start a website or blog.
    You must launch a blog or website if you’re serious about making money online. This serves as your base of operations for all of your internet activities and has the potential to generate enormous revenue on its own., which was founded in college, has grown to be a six-figure enterprise. Starting out is very simple.

Simply go to Bluehost to obtain a name and web hosting for a low cost (about $2.95 per month). Due to Bluehost’s low cost, ease of use, and simplicity of setup, we started this blog there.

  1. Become A Loan Signing Agent And Notary Public
    As a notary public at college, Mark Wills earned money.
    It’s one of my favorite, “most unheard of,” ways for college students to make money. Being a loan signing agent is a terrific way to generate money while in college because you can work for yourself on your own schedule and pay $75 to $200 per hour. Students can work as signing agents and make extra money if needed. The best aspect is that you only need a notary commission, which is frequently obtained by filling out an application.

Placing your name in a database will immediately earn you loan signing employment, and you will be contacted when a scheduled appointment arises.

You just need to know how to guide a homeowner through a set of loan documents if you land a job signing loans.

Do you know the phrase “sign here, date there”?

Get the necessary training if you want to work for yourself on your own schedule and earn $75 to $200 per hour. Loan Signing System is one of the top-rated courses we discovered that has a significant impact on how people generate money.

The Loan Signing System is an A-Z course that shows you how to become a notary public, how to sign a loan, and how to find work doing loan signings. Here’s a full explanation of why it makes a fantastic side business for part-time job.

You might be making $500.

You just need to understand how to guide a homeowner through a set of loan papers after you land a job signing loans.

Within six months, you may be making $500 or more per month (the best earners are bringing in $13,000 per month).

  1. Freelance Writing For Businesses And Blogs
    One of the simplest methods to start earning money is to start writing for clients, especially if you write quickly. There are numerous ways to begin writing for blogs as a freelancer.

Beyond writing for blogs, many businesses are seeking authors to assist with a variety of writing tasks, including creating general how-to articles, technical writing, and putting together presentations.

Look at websites like UpWork where you may search for listings and apply for freelance employment if you want to write for other companies.

Today, proofreading is a sought-after profession. For blogs, websites, and authors, you can proofread at practically any time and location.

  1. Work As An Online Assistant
    Taking up a virtual assistant role is a fantastic additional online income opportunity. Many people and companies are trying to outsource “assistant-type” jobs, including handling email responses, simple writing and organization duties, research tasks, and more. Consider working as a virtual assistant if you’re seeking for this kind of work online. You may make several hundred dollars or more each month this way.
  2. Offer Services on Fiverr
    Adrian Brambila sells on Fiverr to support himself while still in school.
    On the website Fiverr, you may view your gigs for $5 (and make $4). Although it might not seem like a good way to make money, you can.
  3. Use Amazon Mechanical Turk to perform microtasks. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a prominent website where users can make money by taking on gigs. Although you are paid very little each gig (often as little as $0.05), you can complete these tasks quite rapidly. You might be asked to enter in a specific text or recognize a particular image, for instance. I used to perform these tasks in class when I was in college to get money while taking notes.
  1. Carry out online design tasks
    If you’re an artist and are talented in graphic design, you could work as an online designer for companies and websites. Making small graphics for advertisements to completely redesigning websites could all fall under this category. To get started, visit a website like 99Designs where you can enter design competitions and get paid if you are the winner.
  2. Begin Blogging On YouTube
    Being a YouTube blogger is a great way to make extra money if you have a talent for making videos. You are paid based on the advertisements that are shown on your videos, so the more people who watch them, the more money you will make.
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YouTube video bloggers are thought to earn about $7.60 per video, on average.

  1. Create and market T-shirts
    Making T-shirts that you can sell online is another method to earn money for your artistic endeavors. The beautiful thing about this is that T-shirts can have amusing sayings and sentiments in addition to images, which is fantastic. Zazzle and Cafepress are two of the most well-liked online retailers of T-shirts.
  2. Do Transcription Work
    Transcription work is fantastic if you are a quick typist and want to get paid for listening and typing. Transcribing audio into text is a skill that is in demand across a wide range of businesses. For instance, podcasters like having their episodes converted into text before posting them online.

11. Build an App

You can design an iPhone or Android app and sell it on the App Store if you have programming skills. 

Both games and common apps have been successfully produced by many people. 

Finding an unmet need and utilizing it is the trick.

12. Learn Calligraphy

Do you have calligraphy skills? 

On marketplaces like Etsy, your calligraphy could fetch a high price. 

Particularly for invitations and stationary for important events, many people are looking for calligraphers.

13. Introduce A Course Online
Are you a capable educator? Do you already teach or provide assistance to others in a field in which you are an expert? You may develop and market an online course on that subject. Anyone may develop an online course on websites like Udemy and then sell it using their platform. Don’t be concerned if you believe that your topic is too specialized because there are courses for everything.

14. Work As A Translator
Do you have any second languages? In that case, you might work as a translator. There is a demand for translation work on a range of platforms, including spoken language and written language. Anyone may register on websites like and start working as a translator.

15. Establish A Online Call Center
Many firms rely heavily on their call centers. What if you could work from home as a contact center agent? Yes, you can join and work as an on-demand call center representative on websites like LiveOps. There are some steps you must take, but once you get going, it may be a fantastic source of additional revenue.

16. Work as a voice actor
Voice-over work is growing in popularity, especially with the popularity of podcasts and online video. If you have a good voice and a basic home microphone setup, you might be able to make money providing voiceover services to individuals and companies.

17. Transport/Ship Items for Others
Have you ever watched the ephemeral TV program shipping wars? This program featured people who offered to send items across the nation for other people. It’s true, though, and services like uShip help match those in need of shipping with the drivers and carriers with trucks who can make the necessary deliveries. This can be an excellent method to make money if you have a truck.

18. Work As A Guru In SEO For Others
For those who are analytical, SEO, or search engine optimization, is an excellent side job. You can earn $75 per hour or more if you’re a little astute and analytical. To get started, have a look at this free SEO consulting course.

19. Rent Some Things
It’s a terrific way to earn some extra cash, especially while you’re in college, to rent out your belongings. Do you not have much to rent, do you? You would be shocked.

20. Hire A Room In Your Residence
Purchasing a home while still in college and renting out the other rooms to roommates is one of the best ways to begin investing in real estate. One of my closest friends did this; in his first year, he bought a four-bedroom house and rented out three of the bedrooms. He was able to keep a tiny profit each month because the roommates’ rent paid the rent and all other costs. He owned two rentals and a home for himself by the time he received his college degree.


Start using AirBNB if you have a fantastic location to list.

21. Rent a Vehicle
If you own a car but aren’t using it because you spend all your time on campus studying, it might be time to rent it out.

22. Rent Your Stuff
Do you have anything in your garage that is no longer in use? Possibly a bicycle or camping equipment Perhaps you do use it, but not very frequently. Consider using a site like Rentything, which enables you to rent nearly anything you own, if you want to make your possessions work for you. Simply set up your own rental shop and list the things available for rent. Through the platform, people may get in touch with you and make payments.

23. Rent your driveway or garage
You might charge folks who need to park their boat or RV to use the extra space in your garage or perhaps a side driveway if you own a home and don’t use it. You can rent out your driveway or garage to others and accept payments online using the Neighbor website. It’s a terrific method to generate extra income from an area you don’t use and is really simple to use.

With the help of the Turo service, you may earn money by renting out your automobile to other people. They make it simple, which makes it potentially advantageous for college students.

24. Rent clothing
If you own a lot of clothing that you don’t frequently wear (like a bridesmaid dress or some fine jeans), you can rent those items out to other people who might be searching for a stylish outfit at a reasonable price. Users can rent their clothing and other fashion items to others online through websites like RentNotBuy. Easy payment processing and speedy listing creation.

25. List Your Residence on AirBnB
You often travel, right? Or are you planning a specific amount of time away, like the summer? During that period, you can rent out your home or apartment and earn some extra cash. Both landlords and travelers are using AirBnB more and more frequently. Check it out if you want to rent your home and make some additional cash.

26. Perform Tasks
The following aren’t quite opportunities for online businesses or jobs. I refer to them as chores that you can perform to get money since they fall somewhere in the middle. The majority of these are targeted at millennials and college students who want to earn extra money by taking on odd jobs.

27. Complete online polls
Online surveys are a different task you may complete, and you often get a small prize just for participating. There are numerous online polling websites.

28. Participate in market research
A great method to earn money is through market research. Most college campuses will advertise market research projects, and the purpose of these surveys is straightforward: businesses want college students’ thoughts. Most studies will pay you cash or gift cards in exchange for an hour spent sitting in a room conducting market research.

29. Conduct online user testing
Businesses need people to test out new websites and online initiatives before they go live. Companies can post testing jobs on websites like, and anyone can join up to take the test. The testing that you perform earns you money.

30. Remove dog waste for others
Dog excrement is disgusting to pick up. That’s all there is to it. As a result, services are emerging across the nation that will carry out your request; also, you might start a dog poop service in your own neighborhood.

31.Learn to Take Notes
People need to take notes for everything, unlike when they were in school. For instance, many municipal health and human services departments pair note-takers with individuals in need since senior citizens and disabled people frequently need assistance taking notes. You may make a little extra money taking notes for the less fortunate if you have the time and are prepared to travel around town.

32. Volunteer For A Medical Test
Taking part in medical research as a volunteer is another method to earn extra cash. Once more, a variety of research are being conducted that require healthy participants to test out various hypotheses. Some would ask you to be watched while you sleep, while others might subject you to drug tests. However, it’s a good approach.

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33. Participate in scholarship contests
A fantastic option to supplement your income while in education is through scholarships. What most people don’t realize is that relatively few people really enter most scholarship competitions since they expect they won’t win.

34. Recycle Bottles And Cans
Recycling is another another easy way to generate extra income. Most locations across the nation let you get compensated for recycling bottles and cans. It’s not much, but you may get $5 or more for each full bag of cans. Additionally, it contributes to area cleanup!

35. Use recycled metal
In addition to recycling cans and bottles, you can also recycle scrap metal. Recycling scrap metal offers much greater financial potential but also more challenging material to locate. You could make a sizable profit if you uncover scrap copper or metal.

36. Respond to quiz questions
Isn’t it wonderful if you could earn money by responding to trivia questions? Whether you want to or not, you can. You may play trivia games on the website Swagbucks and earn rewards for doing so.

37. Share Your Phone Number
Similar to trivia, you may get paid for simply using your phone and letting businesses know what you’re up to. For instance, Neilson Mobile is an app that you may use to reward yourself just for installing it. It will record your activities and use those recordings to provide advertisers a better understanding of your target market. Some privacy is lost, but you are compensated for it.

38. Work As A Cuddler Professional
Some individuals merely require hugs. If you’re a warm-hearted person who enjoys snuggling and hugging new people, you might be able to make money doing it. Don’t be misled; this is only intended for cuddling.

39. Make a Business Friend
What about simply being someone’s friend, perhaps going to the movies or the mall if cuddling isn’t your thing? Visit Rent-A-Friend if you think this is more your style. You may get paid to be someone’s friend for the day, just how it sounds. Although it could be awkward, it might also be enjoyable and lucrative!

40. Perform/Officiate Weddings
Do you have a fascinating personality or do you have a cool job? You might get paid for it because couples are often looking for unique people to officiate their weddings. For instance, if you officiate marriages and are a skydiver, you can get compensated to arrange a skydiving wedding ceremony. It’s an excellent side hobby because most pastors don’t engage in these extreme sports.

41. Receive Cashback For Grocery Purchases
Using the Ibotta app, you can receive cash rebates for your purchases. Simply share your shopping with it, and you’ll receive a rebate. An innovative tool that makes it simple to get some additional money.

42. Get Rebates For Online Shopping
Who still visits a traditional retail or grocery store anymore? Nowadays, it seems like everyone just shops online. Make sure you enroll up for Ebates before making any more online purchases. You can use this program to obtain discounts at thousands of online retailers, including Amazon, Target, and others.

43. Locate programming errors
Are you an IT specialist? Have a little spare time this summer? You may use that time to examine both new and outdated software for code errors. Look for employment advertisements on job sites or on the campus of your college.

44. Locate Website Exploits
Companies are compensating and rewarding people for discovering website hacks and faults, just like they do with detecting code issues. For instance, Google openly advertises the cash benefits it offers to anyone who report flaws and identify hackers, and United Airlines recently announced that it will provide frequent flier miles to those who do.

45. Help Identify A Business
Choosing a name for your firm is one of the most difficult tasks for entrepreneurs. I can attest to this. Most business owners probably lack creativity. However, there are services available that can be used and paid for. Two services, NamingForce and SquadHelp, offer business name competitions where the winner may receive financial payments!

46. Driving for Uber or Lyft
Being a driving partner for Lyft or Uber might be a terrific way to make additional money if you have a car and some free time.

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