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How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I study and work abroad?  You may have been dreaming of living in a different country to study, experience new life and cultures but when you look at the money involved, you will become discouraged.

Worry no more, in this article we will explain in detail the steps you need to take to travel to your dream country without much stress involved.

Work and study program is a good alternative for young people who want to travel and spend time overseas.

Apart from the knowledge you will gain, working and studying abroad is one of the best ways  to step out of your comfort zone and explore the world in a new way.

This article is for those who will be participating  in an overseas program for the first time.

We will answer every question you may have about working and studying abroad, including the benefits, available courses, and the best countries to work and study abroad.

Thejobmedia also provide you with plenty of tips and resources throughout its blog channel  to help you get started in your overseas tour.

You can use the search box in our blog header  to search and find great study and work programs and countries around the world that allow you to study and work.

Getting a job overseas is sometimes much easier when compared to your home country, especially if you’re a college student without any work experience. Let’s explain more.

Advantages of Working and Studying Abroad


How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?  Working and studying overseas has many benefits. Which is why so many universities offer study abroad programs and also why even more government organizations and NGOs encourage overseas experience.

New Life Experience

When you travel to a new country, you will learn the cultures and customs of that country. Every country has a unique identity, and that is what they are known for. This unique identity of every country gives birth to its traditions, history, and its people.

How can I Study and Work Abroad?  While working and studying over there, you get to learn the country’s lifestyle and more. There you will discover that some lifestyles and environments may come as a cultural shock, but through the experience, you will expand your perspectives, ideas, and view of this life.

Learn New Language

Do you like to learn new language? You can travel to a country where the language you would love to speak is the official language.

Having conversations with native speakers will help you to flow naturally and obey grammar rules. You can learn new vocabulary, and become more fluent.

Frequent conversations  with natives is the best way to learn and strengthen a second language quickly, especially while you work and study  in that country.

Being bilingual is an attractive and useful skill. It will help your career growth. The ability to speak in three or more languages is an added advantage in the corporate world and highly demanding.

Personal and Career Development

How can I Study and Work Abroad?  In addition to learning new language and cultural experience, you can build a good career  while you study abroad. Working and studying abroad can assist in your personal and career development. Overseas life experience is an added advantage your  future employers, according to a recent IIE study .

People who have worked and study abroad, are  more open-minded. They can easily adapt to new environments, and very resourceful.

All these are praiseworthy characters you should mention in your CV or resume.

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Different cultural experiences and multi-language skills will make you stand out from others who applied for a job position. Be sure to include those qualities in your CV!

High In-Demand Jobs for Students Abroad

How can I Study and Work Abroad?  Because you have international work experience , you should also identify which jobs overseas are high in-demand.

Here is a list of positions that international students can easily obtain, especially when they have little to no work experience.

Teaching English

English language is rated as the third most spoken language in the world.  More than 400 million people speak English as their first language.

Over 1.4 billion people speak English around the globe. English is now the most popular second language.

So A as the lingua franca of the world, English is the most used language in school systems and in the professional and corporate settings.

Many schools around the world are looking for English teachers. If you’re fluent in English, teaching it is a great job opportunity abroad.

Most schools abroad do not even need you to be a teacher or have a degree to teach English.

Though some Schools want you to have a certification, such as the TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate. Fortunately, there are numerous TEFL programs available online at affordable prices that you can take.

Hospitality Management and Tourism

If you’ve ever traveled to another country for a vacation , or even in some big cities  within your own country, you’ve seen how lucrative the hospitality and tourism industries is and how they work.

Restaurants, hotels, and resorts all need employees around the clock to attend to their guests. You as an employee can serve a host/hostess, dining, event coordination, or accommodation assistance. These service jobs are always in demand mostly in the United States and the European countries.

The good thing about tourism and hospitality jobs overseas are bonuses and discounts for employees.

As an international student, you’re are always on a budget. Part time job  can help you save money for food and housing and some other minor expenses.

For example, some school hostels abroad will provide you with free accommodation and meals in exchange for work.

Au Pair

Do you love children? Can you babysit for a family? If so, being an Au Pair may be a good match.

The job is good for a young and unmarried adult. You duty will be to provides childcare. Sometimes  you  are paid  and sometimes the use it in exchange for accommodation and expenses.

Not only the overseas, many families around the globe are looking for childcare. So if you’re an international student, you may consider this kind of job.

There are many  websites online that can help match you with families searching for an Au Pair, including AuPairWorld.

Agricultural Work

If you enjoy working in the farm. You may consider this position. Agriculture work includes wine making. Wine-making is a fun job.

Agricultural jobs, as such as volunteer opportunities, are also popular among young travelers. Many farm owners look for assistance in crushing, pressing, pruning grapes.

Farming is another popular and very high in-demand job overseas.

Many farmers depend on extra hands to help with planting, harvesting and tending to the farm animals.

You can even work on a milk production farm-a dairy farm. There you can learn how to make fresh yogurt, cream, and other milk-based products.

Courses you can Take While you Work and Study Abroad

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?



If at this point, you have made up your mind to to work and study abroad, let’s dive into different rewarding courses  that you can study abroad.

Language Courses

Remember we talked about language the importance of language earlier. When you work and study abroad, it can help you to learn and perfect a second language.

Below are the types of language courses you can take in other countries.


If you want to choose English as your second language, there are many schools abroad that offer English courses starting from basic level to advance English studies. These courses are designed to strengthened  your reading and listening comprehension, as well as conversational skills.

Degree Programs

Are you looking for a college degree? There  are many undergraduate and graduate programs, which you can study.

Some of these degree programs  popular in some big countries are:

Vocational Programs

If you want to go into the workforce, all you need to do is to obtain a professional certification instead.

Vocational program is an alternative to degrees.  You can take courses that provide professional training and skill acquisition in a specific job sectors.

Vocational program is a great options for young  adults who want to work and study abroad and advance their career  without a college degree.

 Best Countries to Work and Study Abroad

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad? Have discussed the question: How can I Study and Work Abroad? Now it’s time to discuss briefly on which country would be your preferred destination.

Depending on your professional career and personal goals, certain countries may be a better option for you than others.

Let’s discuss five of the best countries for international students to work and study abroad.

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Australia has a high quality of life, strong economy, and very a low unemployment rate. This is one reason  why thousands of international students choose Australia.

Australia was listed as the third on the Higher Education System Ranking in 2018.

Australia has one of the top travel destinations in the world.  You will discover unique fauna and beautiful landscapes across all of the cities in Australia.


If you’re an international students and you want to learn  French and  other career ventures, Canada is another good place for you.

Canada is ranked 3rd as the best countries in the world. They have a high quality educational system. Their certifications and diplomas  are recognized all over the world.

The country is  known for its diversity and multiculturalism, making the country very attractive center to international students.


Ireland is another ideal place to work and study abroad. Dublin, the capital of Ireland, has the largest population and is home to most of the country’s unique heritage and celebrations.

You can travel and enjoy Ireland’s most popular attractions, most of which are deeply rooted in historical traditions.

New Zealand

With beautiful landscapes and a high-class educational system, many international students who travel to New Zealand decide to stay there longer to pursue their careers. The country’s high quality lifestyle and safety, play a part in its popularity.

 New Zealand has the best landscapes for recreational and outdoor activities, including high cliffs for bungee jumping and seaside centres for kayaking.


Did you know that Spain has the lowest tuition rates in  Europe. Their students pays the lowest tuition fees among all European countries?

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So If you want affordable and high quality education, then you should consider Spain.

While living in Spain, you may visit the prestigious architectural rich culture that gave birth to the almighty Pablo Picasso, the renowned Spanish painter.

Spain located along the Mediterranean sea, which gives it an excellent weather for the beach and outdoor activities.

How to Work and Study Abroad

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

How can I Study and Work Abroad?

If you’re considering moving to a different country to work and study and  this is  first attempt, we’re here to help. To ensure you are prepared and have everything you need, here’s all you need to do  to get started:

1. Choose a Country to Live

Before you even think of living your home country, you should take some time to read and learn about every country that interests you. We always advise you take notes about the pros and cons, the does and don’ts of each country as it relates to their study programs, travel requirements and cost of living.

Ensure you make a budget to cover your studies abroad, accommodation, and daily necessities.

In a situation where you are not financially suitable, there are many online platforms, such as, where you can search for a variety of scholarships and grants to help cover your trip. Or better still you can consider applying for Scholarship for low income students. 

You should also consider your accommodation when making your travelling budget. To search for accommodation in your country of choice, you can use Airbnb sublets for an extended stay.

If Australia is your choice of destination, YHA Australia is a useful website to finding hostels and accommodation within the country.

2. What do you Want to Study Abroad?

Next, decide what you want to study. Doing so will help you choose the courses that best align with your career goals. Whether it is a professional training, an intensive language course, or a degree program, have an idea of things you would like to study abroad and what you hope to receive from each experience.

3. Find a Job

The internet is very helpful when it comes to finding jobs in another country. There are universal job search platforms like thejobmedia as well as other job search platforms that serves as a tool to job seekers.

For example, you can use Jobs in Canada to look for work in CanadaSeek to find work in Australia, and StudentJobs to search for work in Spain.

4. Visa Application process

Even if you’re going on a visit to spend the shortest time in another country, you need a Visa.

Most countries want you to have a visa before you come to their country either for work or for study.

Visa application and process  vary per person. But we always advise you  get started early.

5. Purchase Your Plane Tickets

When your  visa is ready, the next step is to purchase your flight ticket. Websites like Skyscanner and is a good place search for and purchase your plane tickets. Since flight prices fluctuate by the season, these websites help you compare flight prices across multiple airlines and secure a good deal

How can I Study and Work Abroad? thejobmedia Can Help you!


Our unique and engaging overseas job tips has helped many young individuals every year to work and study abroad.

Through our website, you can search and choose the best experience that interests you.

We understand that planning to move to a new country can be  challenging. So we have dedicated  our time to help make your dream a REALITY

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