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Social media offers huge financial potential for brands and content producers alike. In 2022, learn how to profit from Instagram.

If the American ideal is to work hard and succeed financially, the Instagram dream is to fail miserably. However, using social media to generate meaningful income calls for a serious approach. You’ll have the best success making money on Instagram, whether you’re a business or a creator, if you do your research.

Continue reading to learn how to make money on Instagram and see examples from creators and brands that will inspire you.

Can you make money on Instagram?

Oh, yeah. In reality, Instagram places a high premium on assisting creators in making a career on the platform, especially in light of the increasing competition from TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube.

At the company’s inaugural Creator Week in June 2021, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stated, “Our goal is to be the best platform for creators like you to make a life.”

Instagram was the second-most-downloaded app worldwide in 2021. It boasts 1.22 billion monthly users and is the 4th most popular social networking platform in the world. It is the 7th most visited website overall. The point is that there is a sizable potential audience there. There are many ways to make money because there is such a large and diversified audience that could potentially see your content.

How much money can you make on Instagram?

Because creators and brands are typically secretive about their earnings, numbers can be difficult to interpret. Additionally, it can be difficult to determine how much money you make from Instagram. For example, does it count as earning money on Instagram if you sing a song on a Reel, the sound goes viral, and you land a record deal thanks to your internet fame? Then, tens of thousands of people purchase tickets to your concert. What if you publish cooking videos, then link to your recipe blog and put revenue-generating adverts on your blog?

Strange as it may sound, most successful creators’ travels follow this pattern. Your qualifications, audience size, engagement, strategy, work ethic, and a sprinkle of bad luck all play a role in how much money you can make on Instagram.

The following amounts have purportedly been earned by several creators and celebrities:

According to Business Insider, an Instagram influencer with 1,000 to 10,000 followers can earn $901 on average for each post.

According to Brian Hanly, CEO of Bullish Studio, a creator can earn between $100 and $1,500 for a swipe-up commercial on their Instagram stories (a talent agency for influencers)

Kylie Jenner reportedly receives $983,100 for each advertisement or sponsored content post.

Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly earns $1,604,000 for each post.

Nearly 2000 influencers, the majority of whom are headquartered in the United States, were questioned by Hype Auditor in 2021 about their earnings. The results are as follows:

Influencers typically earn $2,970 each month. Since there is such wide variation between the highs and lows, “average” figures aren’t the greatest to base decisions on. This is illustrated in the following statistic.
Micro-influencers, or those with between 1,000 and 10,000 followers, make an average of $1,420 per month, while mega-influencers, or those with more than one million followers, make an average of $15,356 per month.

How to make money on Instagram as a creator

There are many ways to use Instagram to make money even if you don’t have a “company” in the traditional sense. You have influence and can be an influencer if you have a strong following and understand your niche.

Partner with brands

The most well-known method for Instagram producers to monetize their work is probably through brand partnerships. Find a major or small brand that shares your values (this is crucial because appearing inauthentic if you work with a company that has nothing to do with your usual content or even directly contradicts it).

Partnerships with businesses can take many different forms. For example, you might be compensated for creating an Instagram post that highlights a certain product or provided with free goods in exchange for content. Start by creating a few free posts that highlight some of your favorite things, such as restaurants or beauty products. When approaching brands, you can then use those posts as examples.

Many cosmetics and beauty influencers take part in these business partnerships.

A tip: Be upfront when participating in compensated partnerships or sponsored posts. Use hashtags, indicate that the content is sponsored, and make the collaboration evident in the captions. Instagram’s branded content guidelines should be adhered to; else, postings may be removed.

Join an affiliate program

This relates to brand alliances because signing up for an affiliate program still necessitates linking oneself to a company that offers particular goods or experiences. In essence, affiliate networks pay you to promote other people’s goods (thus, once more, you want to ensure that the goods you’re emphasizing are in line with your principles). You are compensated if your followers make a purchase from the brand using your link or promotional code.

Enable Live Badges

Instagram’s Live Badges provide American creators a way to get paid directly through the app. In order to demonstrate their support, viewers can buy the badges (which range in price from $0.99 to $4.99) during a live video.

Go to your profile and select Professional Dashboard to enable Live Badges. Then allow for monetization. You’ll notice a button labeled “Set Up Badges” when you’ve been accepted. Once you tap that, you can continue.

When you go live, be sure to note if you’ve enabled Live Badges and let your fans know that it’s simple for them to donate money if they want to. and show appreciation when someone buys a badge. Thank you notes go a long way and are likely to inspire others to contribute.

Sell your merch

It’s a smart business move to use Instagram as a marketing channel for your other sources of income. Consider selling merchandise that has been sprayed with that extra shine (your brand) if you’ve curated your own brand well enough to have a specific appearance, logo, catchphrase, or anything else that makes you instantly recognizable. You can profit from sales and gain free publicity when your supporters start wearing your name on their sweatpants.

Link to your blog or vlog

You can use Instagram to point your followers to that external site, which can be extremely lucrative, by selling advertising space on your own website or earning money from Youtube (hint: use a link tree to make the most of that link in your Instagram bio).

Here are a few brief illustrations:

Foodies that blog about their recipes and share photos of the cuisine they’ve prepared
YouTubers who share their vlog’s highlights on Reels then link to the complete video on their channel on Youtube
fashion bloggers that link to their websites from their Instagram posts and explain where their clothes are from.

Offer paid tutorials or masterclasses

Similar to linking to a blog or vlog, but with your followers paying you directly for the service you’re offering rather than indirectly through businesses advertising on your page or Youtube commercials.

If you are an expert in a particular field, you might provide an online masterclass with a fee. Fitness influencers frequently use this technique to monetize their work; they may post brief workouts that are accessible for free and then link to longer routines that require payment.

Athlete @iamlshauntay employs this strategy by offering tuition or masterclasses for no charge and merely asking fans to tip you if they can. If readers are able to, they can pay her for her work by using the link in her bio. If you want to ensure that your material is as accessible as possible, utilize this strategy: there is no financial barrier to your content, but there is still a clear path for your audience to pay you if they choose to.

How to make money on Instagram as a business

Promote limited-time offers
The internet community loves a good offer (and Instagram users love to buy stuff: 44 percent of Instagrammers say they use the app to shop weekly).

Use Instagram to highlight all the wonderful aspects of your business, especially whenever you have a sale. In addition to promoting to your followers, publishing a sale, discount coupon, or special offer on Instagram also makes the information simple to distribute.

Many of the comments on this Christmas sale ad from the clothing company @smashtess are just people tagging their friends. It’s a great approach to advertise the offer and encourage organic sharing of the sale.

Create countdowns for upcoming launches
You may use Instagram to give your followers a sneak glimpse at new releases, launches, or product lines. You can also give potential consumers a quick method to know when those new things will be for sale by using the “Countdown” or “Reminder” options. This builds anticipation for your offer, and when it launches, users receive a message prompting them to check out the products (and, hopefully, check out the goods).

Set up an Instagram Shop

The Instagram Shops are a direct way to monetize the app. The platform’s native e-commerce facilities let users purchase goods, and setting up a store is simple.

The finest thing for impulse buyers are Instagram shops (or worst nightmare, depending on how you look at it). Along with your usual updates, your shoppable goods or services will appear in the news feeds of your followers.

Hosting an Instagram shop is also a wonderful method to quickly respond to customer care requests from users of social media, which is essentially everyone because 75% of adults worldwide use social media. Customers can learn more about your brand by DMing you or leaving comments on postings. (Hint: use a chatbot to assist your customer service team if you’re feeling overloaded in your DMs.)

The little shop icon will show up on your post when you post something that can be purchased, alerting readers to its availability.

Join forces with creators
With influencer marketing, you can promote your business to the creator’s audience while also putting the creator in the spotlight for your audience.

If you’re looking for partners, be sure to consider their content and ideals. You want to choose someone whose objectives coincide with yours so that the connection makes sense to customers and doesn’t come off as some bizarre marketing tactic.

For instance, it makes more sense for a plant-based bakery to collaborate with a vegan influencer than it would for Bill Nye to join Coca-Cola.

Join forces with other companies
Collaborations with other companies allow people on both sides of the contract the chance to interact with a larger customer base, similar to partnerships with creatives. Try reaching out to other companies in your niche and organizing a contest or giveaway; this is a great way to expand your fan base and attract new clients.

Collaboration with other companies
Similar to collaborating with other artists, working with other businesses allows participants to communicate with a larger audience of customers. To grow followers and attract a new audience, consider reaching out to other companies in your niche and conducting a contest or giveaway.


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