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How To Get A Good Job In 2023 Without Much Competition

How To Get A Good Job In 2022 Without Much Competition-Are you a graduate or undergraduate looking for a job in this 2022?
Getting a good job in Nigeria and the world in general now is as competitive as ever, reason be that a lot of Graduates are trooping into the labor market everyday with fresh ideas and experiences which make it more difficult for people to get their desires jobs easily.

However In this article I’m going to guide you through on How To Get A Good Job In 2022 Without Stress/competition.

The information you are about to read work almost ? percent And can help you To Get A Good Job In 2022 Without Stress/competition, but you must put in your best to get your desires result.

There’s always a different between those who try and those who did not. So I urge you to read further and implement it. Also you can share with friends who may also be interested.

In Nigeria or the world at large today, if you are going to wait for the companies to publish or announce vacancy positions for you to apply, you might wait forever, and even if the jobs are being advertised announced,, can you stand the competition? Do you see yourself scaling though ahead of other thousands applicants?

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These are few out of the many unanswered questions running in my head.

GETTING A Good Job In 2022 Without Stress/competition is actually possible with the aid of letter of ENQUIRY.

With letter of enquiry, you can apply for a job even when there is no job vacancies/advertisement. Some people considered this method to be the best, especially where there is no job opportunities, and the competition in the labor market is on the high level.

A letter of inquiry  is really another type of a cover letter but with different functionality.

What letter of inquiry?

Like it’s name implies, it’s a letter that could be sent to a company to inquire if there is vacancies. In other words you can apply for a job in any company or establishment even when there is no advert, instead of waiting for vacancy advert before you apply, with the aid of this letter of Inquiry you can  apply and get your desire job without competition.

Personally i recommend this format strongly for IT (Industrial Training Applicants) Nevertheless, this letter is equally useful to other type of applicants I.E graduate, and other job seekers. This is as a result of the fact that the process will increase your chances of Getting your desire Job Without competition. This process can only cost you a few Naira or dollars buying a lot of envelopes and paper. But in the end, it’s definitely worth it.

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How to write the letter of enquiries?

This is a vital part of this article, just take your time and read to your understanding.

Writing a letter of inquiry demand the same rules and similar pattern as Cover letter which usually 3-4 paragraphs.

  • Concise introduction
  • Elaborate and explanatory body
  • Conclusion

In addition to the above mentioned,  ensure you address the letter to the name of recruiter.

Now that you know How To Get A Good Job In 2022 Without Stress/competition. You can now start applying everywhere and every places even when there is no vacancies advert. A very serious advantage you would have when this method of application is adopted is the Gross reduction in the competition if the job were advertised and this will greatly enhance your chance of landing the job.

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