How to Get a Job in Canada from Nigeria

how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

How to get a job in Canada from Nigeria-You may probably be seeking greener pastures outside Nigeria if you are reading this. Canada is a competitor with the United States of America in issues relating to Visas and immigration. 

Every year, Hundreds of Thousands of people trips to Canada to search for a better living.

Canada is also the second preferred option after the United States for most people.

The differences in the law, culture and Lifestyle of the Canadian people make Canada a relatively peaceful place. 

Canada is very close to the United States, which many people believe is one of the reasons behind its high living standard. 

That being said, let’s talk about getting a job in Canada from Nigeria.

Currently, Canada needs foreign professionals and skilled workers to help make the city a better home for everyone.

For you to work in Canada, the best way is to apply for a work permit. This permit could be a traditional one, allowing you to work on Holidays, or a Postgraduate work permit or permits issued under international treaties. You cannot work in Canada without a work permit.



This work permit is offered to candidates after they have proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be adequately qualified by passing the Labour Market Impact Assessment.


This is issued to people who have detailed qualifications or reason to be granted a work permit without going through the rigours of the LMIA assessment.


This kind of work permit is offered to foreigners that the North American Free Trade Agreement covers. These foreigners can be granted work without going through the LMIA process.


Individuals who are employees of a company with a branch in Canada can be transferred to continue working without going for Labour Market Impact Assessment.


Usually, business investors are welcomed in Canada without a work permit and don’t contend in the labour market.


If you are privileged to graduate from one of the Canadian universities as a foreigner, you could choose to work for up to three years in Canada.

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  • The best way to live and work in Canada is through Express Entry.
  • The first step is to visit:
  • After your registration at the address, you will be provided with all the obtainable job vacancies in Canada. Check to see if you fit into any of the job listings.
  • The next step on the site is to provide accurate and provable information if you are required to prove any of the information you provided. 
  • You will be required to provide Bio-data such as Nationality, skill sets, skill level, working experience, language skills and proficiency, education status and qualifications.
  • If the application process is successful, you will get a mail from mail express. 
  • The mail will be sent to you informing you that you are deemed qualified to have all the required qualifications where you will be invited to apply for the permit.

Express entry is regarded as one of the best ways to get to Canada. Still, there is no guarantee that applicants will be selected at the end.

This is because only the highest-ranking and qualified applicants will be considered first for immigration.

If your application is successful, you will be required to provide the Canadian immigration service with verifiable documents to prove the credibility of the information you initially provided. 

After assessing the document, you will be granted an immigrant visa if you are considered good enough.

Express entry application lasts only for 12 months, after which those still interested in pursuing a new life in Canada may reapply again.



Jobs in Canada are processed in categories as follows:


Eligible persons are awarded points based on their performance in:

  1. Educational Qualification (25 points)
  2. The applicant’s language skills, both oral and written in English or French. (28 points)
  3. Applicant’s working Experience and exposure in the chosen field (9 – 15 points)
  4. The applicant’s age is also a factor. (for a young and prospective immigrant from 18 – 35, a standard 12 points are awarded, while the points are reduced for older people.)
  5. The applicant’s ability to adapt to the Canadian climatic, societal and cultural way (10 points is allocated for this area)
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To get a visa into Canada, as an applicant, you must not get below a minimum of 67 points out of the possible 100 points awardable.


Under this program, eligible applicants are also awarded points based on their performance in the following areas:

  1.  Vocational skill (25 points)
  2. Your Language skills, both oral and written in English or French. (28 points)
  3. Work experience and exposure (9 – 15 points)
  4. Age (for a young and prospective immigrant from 18 – 35, a standard 12 points are awarded, while the points are reduced for older people.)
  5. Ability to adapt to the Canadian climatic, societal and cultural way (10 points)

To get a visa into Canada, an applicant must not get below a minimum of 67 points out of the possible 100 points awardable.

You must complete a successful interview with the intending Canadian employer in receiving a job offer. 

It will be helpful if you research more on the local policy of the area where you got the job to know the permissions granted to foreigners to work.

how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria
how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria

You may be eligible to work in Canada depending on the qualifications listed above. which may include: 

  1. Good command of English or French as a foreign language.
  2. Good academic qualifications
  3. Job experience in a chosen field.  

The group of people who can work in Canada includes but is not limited to:

Business entrepreneurs


Skilled Workers

Career persons.

If you meet the criteria listed above, you may receive a visa to Canada as an applicant. 

When you arrive in Canada, an approved work permit will be issued to you. 

The work permit documents will clearly state the nature of employment, the employee’s address, and the duration of employment, among other things.

Please be advised that any provided information be as accurate as possible because, 

Falsification or forgery of documents is considered a crime. The applicant will be blacklisted, never considering a visa in Canada and her affiliated states.


Canada is a country that wants the best for its citizens. Their government gives preference to its citizens in terms of Jobs; the most likely category of a foreigner to get employment are:

  1. A student who graduated from a Canadian school.
  2. Candidates are highly skilled and qualified professionals with good knowledge and command of French or English.
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The most common vacancy in the Canadian economy includes:

  1. Farmers and Farm technicians
  2. Construction Workers such as builders and plumbers
  3. Skilled workers in Welding
  4. Professional truck and cargo drivers
  5. An experienced and capable worker in fast food restaurants
  6. Skilled and unskilled workers in meat factories and processing plants
  7. Qualified engineers
  8. Home keepers and cleaners
  9. Chaperones and babysitters

The amount of money earned and paid for work depends on the province’s position where the work is being done. 

However, unskilled labourers usually earn about 11 Canadian dollars per hour, while skilled workers can be making a minimum of 20 Canadian dollars per hour. 

However, if you have more than one skill or are strong enough to combine two or more skills, you will make more money. 


The best strategy for applicants is to:

  1. Pay more attention to the more developed cities of Canada. Cities, for example, such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal, among others, because the rate of unemployment in these places is lower. 
  2. Improve your English language skills and prowess. In some regions, however, for example, Quebec, working knowledge of French is an uttermost requirement. Working in Canada without a proper understanding of these languages is impossible.
  3. Go by the books, lawfully do everything, don’t be tempted by illegal offers which might turn out to be nasty later on where there could be no legal intervention in case of abuse.
  4. Keep building and developing your career. Keep optimizing your academic qualifications. Skills are valuable assets in job-hunting. Canada requires professional workers with top-notch knowledge and skills.
  5. Your level of educational qualification is a great deal. Strive to possess a certified diploma in one Canadian, American or British university.

I hope this article on how to get a job in Canada from Nigeria is helpful.

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