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How to Register and Make Money on BlueSky Social App

How to Register and Make Money on Bluesky Social App: The new Bluesky Social App, which was created by Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, is now accepting users for beta testing, and it is scheduled to launch “soon.”

The highly anticipated social media platform has been referred to as a competitor to Twitter (TWTR), and it is expected to compete with established social media platforms such as Facebook (META), Instagram, and Snapchat (SNAP). social media lovers have raised questions about How to Register and Make Money on Bluesky Social App.

Bluesky has revealed the development plan for its decentralized social networking protocol, which will serve as the foundation for the app’s underlying code.

It states that user data will be free from political influence and managed by users rather than being commercialized by a business, which is an important change that could revolutionize the economy based on personal data.

When will the Bluesky social app have its official release?

Bluesky is presently accepting registrations for its beta testing phase. In the first two days after the waitlist was created, there were already 30,000 people who had signed up for the beta test.

It’s possible that it will be many days before the team officially launches the platform, which aims to beat the dynamics that currently govern social media platforms, such as revenue through data sharing and centralization.

Difference  between the Bluesky social app and Twitter/Facebook

One major difference between Bluesky social and other social media platforms is the coding for the application will make it possible to transfer user account data from one social media platform to another.  Users of Bluesky will be able to log in to any social media account that utilizes the new code using the account that they have created with Bluesky. Therefore, they will only need a single account to access all of their preferred social networking platforms. This merely indicates that the owners of Bluesky would not have control over the data that is generated by their customers.

Is it possible that Bluesky Social will compete with Twitter

According to Dorsey, Bluesky Social would be “a rival to any firm aiming to own the underlying basics for social media or the data of the people using it.”

What you may know about  BlueSky social

So, if you are still wondering How to Register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social App. Following the purchase of Twitter for $44 billion by the richest billionaire in the United States, Elon Musk, here are some simple facts about the development of Bluesky that you should know. This comes at a time when many people who are interested in social media are still trying to figure out what Bluesky is all about and How to Register and Make Money on Bluesky’s Social App.

  1.  In 2019, Dorsey made the initial announcement regarding the Bluesky effort on Twitter. Early in the year 2020, the Chief Technology Officer of the company, Parag Agrawal, extended invitations to prospective members of the initial working group.
  2.  At the beginning of 2021, Bluesky was in the research stage, and there were approximately 40–50 members of the community of decentralized technology who were actively engaged in evaluating choices and gathering recommendations for the protocol.
  3. Bluesky made the announcement in March 2022 that it has hired its first three employees. An opening for a security engineer was given to Aaron Goldman, who had previously held positions at both Google and Twitter. As protocol engineers, Paul Frazee and Daniel Holmgren have been brought on board.
  4.  On April 15, 2022, Jack Dorsey admitted that the initial development of the project by the first developers had gotten off to a slow start.
  5. On April 26, 2022, Bluesky issued a statement stating that the project will operate independently from Elon Musk’s proposed takeover of Twitter. The statement also stated that Bluesky has been independently operating as a public benefit limited liability company since February 2022. The statement was released on the same day. Because of this, Bluesky is free to direct its resources toward achieving its objective without being required to provide a financial return to its shareholders.
  6. In May of 2022, Bluesky published a high-level overview of the network architecture together with the source code for an experimental personal data server and a command-line client. They also said that they will start to provide information regarding the development process of the platform before the process is entirely finished.
  7. Bluesky made an announcement in October 2022 regarding a plan and other technical specifics regarding the AT Protocol, which will be used to power applications. Additionally, Bluesky has begun collecting signups for those who are interested in testing an upcoming version of the application.

What thejobmedia have learned about Jack Dorsey’s Bluesky Social app

Instead of relying on blockchain technology, Bluesky will utilize a decentralized network.
Cryptocurrency fans may have been confused by the fact that Bluesky will not be operating on top of a blockchain. This is one of the characteristics of the project. This was verified by Jay Graber, who is in charge of the project. He stated that the protocol is “blockchain optional and blockchain agnostic.”

Therefore, Bluesky is just one of the social media protocols that will be powered by the AT Protocol. It will compete with other apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snap (SNAP), while the AT Protocol itself will be a technology that these competing platforms may decide to adopt if users push for it.

Is Bluesky Social App an Open source?

Presently, yes!  The algorithm that runs Bluesky’s operations, such as its content moderation and timeline display methods, will be made public for users to view so that they may gain a better understanding of how the platform functions. Users with some knowledge of programming may even be able to customize the algorithm to better suit their needs. However, rather than the users themselves, content moderation efforts will most likely be imposed by the site itself.

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How to Register and Make Money on Bluesky Social App

The step-by-step guide to making money with the Bluesky Social APP

On the Bluesky social App, you can register and make money in various ways, each of which has the potential to earn you money on its own.

It has been reported that Bluesky could rely on subscriptions to commercialize its user base; however, the developing team has not confirmed this information at this time.

So, to answer your question on How to Register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social App. According to the conversations that Jack Dorsey had with Elon Musk about the latter’s plans to acquire Twitter, one of the other potential revenue streams that Bluesky may implement would be the facilitation of payments between users. Which might include the following:

1. Partner with brands

Bluesky social creators have a chance of achieving success through cooperation with brands. People frequently engage in activities on social media in order to generate additional revenue in addition to that which they receive from their primary employment. If you want to go this way, you won’t need a lot of time to start making money with BlueSky. This is one of the ways you can register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social App.

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2. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketing is another way you can register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social AppAffiliate marketing is a passive method of earning cash. This involves recommending various products and services through various social media, such as Bluesky. Businesses are willing to give you a commission in exchange for every sale that you direct their way.

You may turn your social handle on Bluesky into a money-making opportunity by becoming an affiliate marketer and sharing the unique referral codes and links that are generated for you. The best aspect is that you don’t need any initial capital to get started with affiliate marketing.

3. You can also sell your own merchandise on BlueSky

You should give some thought to turning it into branded items if you already have a sizable presence and a dedicated fanbase on Bluesky. The use of social media as a vehicle for product promotion is highly effective, whether the goal is to attract users to an online store or to make direct sales through a BlueSky social handle.

4. Offer premium services or coaching

You can generate income from the Bluesky Social App by marketing and selling services such as consulting or coaching. You can monetize these assets by starting a firm that provides a service, particularly if you are proficient in social media marketing.

5. Promote sales and special offers

Users of the Bluesky social app are just like the rest of us on other social media platforms. Customers get more value for their money through promotions such as discounts, sales, giveaways, and special offers; this serves as an additional incentive for them to make a purchase. So, the above few points are some of the ways you register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social App


Bluesky Users will have control over how their data is used, and they will be able to transfer it to other platforms that adopt the underlying protocol without losing their accounts. The company has disproved the rumour that it will exploit users’ data for financial gain. In light of the fact that Bluesky users will have control over how their data is used. I hope these few illustrations have answered your question on How to Register and Make Money on the Bluesky Social App.

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