International Students: Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

Brief Description :

Undergraduates from Commonwealth nations who are looking to pursue two-year Masters certification programs in a country with extremely low or center pay, other than their home nation, are eligible to apply for Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis (QECS). These grants provide a ground-breaking opportunity for undergraduates who are focused on making change in their networks to encounter a different nation and culture, to broaden their horizons, and to create a global organization that will endure forever. The grants are intended for students who are committed to making change in their networks.

Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholars collaborate with one another to effect positive change and identify solutions to problems that are common to both their home countries and the individuals who live in those countries. This is accomplished through social exchange and educational joint projects.

Host Institution(s):

• IBMBB, University of Colombo • University of Sri Jayewardenepura • The University of the South Pacific • land National University • University of Johannesburg • Rhodes University • University of Stellenbosch • University of Venda • North-West University • Tshwane University of Technology • University of Pretoria • Papua University of Technology • University of Namibia

Level/Field(s) of study:

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2 years Masters certificates in qualified courses at the schools recorded previously. See the Official site (connect found beneath) for every single qualified course.

Number of Scholarships:

Not indicated

Target bunch:

Residents and individuals who hold an ostracize remaining in Commonwealth nations.

Grant esteem/incorporations:

For the duration of the honor, the grant will cover all of the necessary educational expenses in addition to providing a regular installment for day-to-day living expenses. Additionally, the grant will pay for round-trip economy travel to and from the host country, an appearance stipend, and an investigation support award. The examination award can only be given out in response to a solicitation, and its distribution is contingent on endorsement.


Those who are eligible to apply are citizens of countries that are part of the Commonwealth or individuals who have been granted exile status in one of these countries. In addition, qualified applicants will only submit applications for extended master’s degree programs that are offered by collaborative colleges located in qualified low- to middle-income Commonwealth countries. They should submit an application to study in a Commonwealth nation that has an exceptionally low to middle level of monetary profit in addition to their own nation.

For students who are applying for Cycle 2, for studies beginning in January/February , the Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships are exclusively available for qualified Masters certification programs presented at teaming up colleges in the following nations and locales: Sri Lanka, South Pacific, South Africa, Papua, and Namibia. The students must be citizens of one of these countries or locales to be eligible for the scholarship.

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There is not a higher age threshold that must be met in order to be eligible for a QECS Award. Participants in the competition ought to already have their Bachelor’s degree and should have graduated with a grade roughly equivalent to a 2:1. The QECS grants are only available to new students, and they cannot be used to pay for any classes that have already been taken by the recipient.

Application directions:

Candidates are not required to have been accepted into a course before applying for the QECS; however, they are encouraged to apply for their chosen course of concentrate either before or at the same time as applying for a QECS grant. In addition to filling out a QECS application, you will also need to submit an application to the college you wish to attend directly in order to be considered for admission to the college course of your choice. You will need to go to the websites of the colleges you are interested in applying to in order to obtain confirmations and application focuses. The ninth month of the Gregorian calendar is the deadline for submitting grant applications for Cycle two for studies that will begin in January or February.


Official Scholarship Website: openings/for-understudies/grants/sovereign elizabeth-federation grants/

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