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Money Making Apps in Nigeria – Work at home

How to earn thousands of dollars using apps on your phone

Money making apps in Nigeria – There are many mobile applications that you can make thousands of dollars simply by doing everyday activities.

Without further delays, let’s talk on these money making apps in Nigeria.

44 Money making apps in Nigeria

1. Achievement         23. Make real money

2. App money            24  Microsoft rewards

3. App Nana                25. Mindswarms

4. Apptrialer                26. Minefield

5. Banatic                      27. Mistplay

6. Big money                28. Native

7. Checkpoints             29. NCP mobile

8. Candy cash click      30. On my way

9. Daily gift                       31. Pei

10. Diet bet                        32. Perk

11. Earny                            33. Points prizes

12. Feature points            34. Rakuten

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13. Grab points                   35. Rewards plus

14. Healthy wage                36. Slide joy

15. Honey                               37. Smart panel

16. Honey gain                     38. Step bet

17. Ibotta                                39.

18. Icon zoomed                  40. Surveys mini

19. Insta money                  41. Sweat coin

20. Loot                                 42. Tap cash

21. Luckstastic                    43. Trender

22. Lympo                             44. Respondent

1. Achievement

This is one of the best money making apps in Nigeria.  If you open account with achievement, it will monitor your activities.

Achievement will track and monitor every  step of your movement in the app. These steps are converted to points and you can further convert your points to cash.


With achievement, for every 10,000 points you  earn, you will make at least $10. When you’re ready for cash out, you will be paid directly to your PayPal account.

2. Respondent

This is another one of the best money making apps in Nigeria. Respondent is available only on android devices.

You can earn money with respondent by responding to surveys. With respondent, there’s no limit to how much you can earn. If you  do alot of surveys, you can earn up to $100 a day.

3. Mindswarms Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Mindswarms is another money making apps in Nigeria. Mindswarms want you to record outside videos of a selected survey project.

One major reasons they want you to record video is to carry out a more accurate research. The video also serve as a proof that the information you filled in your survey form is real.

Mindswarms can you up to $50 for each survey study. The money is paid directly I to you PayPal account.

PayPal payments is presently the best way of payment for mindswarms users living outside the United states and outside the European countries.

4. Checkpoints Money Making Apps in Nigeria

Checkpoints does not pay you in cash, they pay you in points  and you can convert your points to cash. Better still, you can convert your points to gift card.

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With rakuten, you can earn Cash Back at over 3,500 stores + coupons & exclusive deals

Stores pay Rakuten for sending them shoppers. Rakuten then split that money with you when you shop at your favorite stores.

Sign up is FREE  and you get a $10 welcome bonus now.

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