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Head Lamp Restoration kit

He said
“Sir i am sorry to disturb you again, pls can you help me with something for food and my drugs”? ?
I obliged and sent him something.
But how about you start something? I had told him.
Look around you and observe the headlamps of cars around you.
Just observe how dirty, opaque, degraded and fogged they are.
90% of cars don’t have a clean headlamp.
He came back with an affirmation. “It’s true sir. Even my neighbor’s own don die”.
“Say no more, I won’t push an idea into you; but I will gift you one”. I told him.
I don’t force people to do things but I want to birth something into your mind and have you help yourself if you care.
“Okay Let’s try this experiment ?.
I will ship you a headlamp restoration kit for cars’ ? as a gift from the USA ??
It’s very hands-on and easy to use.
It works like magic. Once you receive it, read the instructions.
Try it out and give me feedback.
“Wow! Boss this works like mad”.
What make is your neighbor’s car? He said Toyota Highlander.
Approach him and tell him this,
“sir your headlamps needs replacements to enhance your safety at night,
but it’s going to be expensive and the price for a new one should be in the neighborhood of N70,000 but I can bring them to newness for N5000.
He did it and the guy’s headlamp cover were sparkling ✨ clear and new again.
His neighbor was wowed. He was stunned. His neighbor paid him N10000.
I told him make out anything meaningful from all that we have done.
Today, he has two headlamp restoration booths with an electrician in his state. He is doing well for himself.
Happy new week! Align yourself with people who can move you from A to B.
I align myself with people who can rub off positively on me.
There is always a problem to solve and make money
Happy new week champs!
-Akara Oku.
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