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Otto Insurance -All you need to know

Otto insurance is a referral company that provide consumers a safe place to get an insurance quote. They are not an insurance company per say, rather, they act as a doorman between insurance company, and consumers.

They work with the best insurance carriers to get their client’s data to the best potential match, quickly and securely.

They deliver quotes to their clients in seconds base on the information given to them. They can as well compare their customer’s information in one place and decide which plan best fits their needs.

How does Otto Insurance Works?

Otto Insurance works in a way that they provides you the opportunity to receive insurance quotations from their network of insurance service providers like brokers and insurance agents.

Once you give them your information, they will try to match it with the appropriate insurance agents, brokers, carriers or other service providers who can provide you with more information.

They work as a consults that will gather users information and try to match to find any insurance. So basically they are not an insurance agent, but rather they act as a middleman.

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Once you share your information with them, you will not get any insurance contract, but you will start getting calls, emails and messages from various insurance agents and companies giving their quotes.

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At that point, the choice will be yours to make, to decide on which insurance service providers that best fits your needs

Otto Insurance
Otto Insurance

Otto Insurance exceptions

Otto insurance services are limited, below are some of the services they do not offer.

  • They are not an insurance agent or insurance carrier, so they do not issue insurance contracts or provides any insurance coverage to their subscribers.
  • They do not provide insurance, tax or financial advice of any kind.
  • They do not also guarantee that any of the insurance agents, brokers and/or companies that they have forwarded your application will contact you or agree to provide you coverage.
  • They are not responsible for any liability that may come from insurance agents, or brokers that they have matched you with.
  • They also believe that the coverage provided by any service provider will be subject the terms and conditions of the insurance policy under which it issued, and they have no control over such terms and conditions.

In their few years of existence, they have helped over 2,000,000 consumers find the best rate in auto, home, life and pet insurance.

Since insurance is something you should have, and not something you choose to have, they believe they have all it takes to pair you with an insurance company that best fits your needs.

Disadvantage of Otto Insurance

One major disadvantage of Otto insurance is lack of privacy, if you are someone who wouldn’t want your personal information go viral, don’t boarder subscribing to their platform.

Because I doubt it would do any good to ask them to pull your information back from their database since they probably selling your information instantly. Which means, your information is already circulating around their clients.

Where is Otto Insurance Located?

Otto Insurance team is remotely distributed across the United States with their home base in Miami Beach, Florida. Their team works with the America carriers, and even individual agents to provide the best insurance coverage to their clients.

Otto Insurance Contact Infor

 [email protected] .


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