SARS Training Program Recruitment

Get ready to embark on a journey that will undoubtedly be full of exciting and unique experiences with SARS. SARS is looking for younger and more up-and-coming talent who are capable of meeting the requirements for the Graduates in Training Program. If you want to play an important role in the crucial mission of modernizing SARS, it is absolutely necessary for you to have a good moral character, to exercise self-control, and to be well-versed in research.

SARS Training Program Recruitment

The program makes use of a reliant canvases included dominating methodology that communicates guidance with practical application via the organization’s outstanding disciplines. The completion of a three-year article programming with SARS that is authorized through the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants is required in order to meet the requirements necessary to earn the Chartered Accountant in South Africa (CA (SA)) credential. Graduates move through various sections of the project or cycle subjects in order to investigate the necessary skills.

program objective:

The main goal of this program  is to harvest compositions included dominating that blends standard and practical appreciate through completing a two a year subordinate improvement programming. To help the fundamental capabilities, the Graduate will pivot inside a venture unit or artistic creations subject.

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Least Criteria:

  • Applicable B.Com Honors in Accounting/Certificate in Theory of Accounting (NQF 8)
  • three years National Diploma (NQF 6) – Information Technology; Applied Mathematics; Administration; Law; Paralegal Studies
  • Four year college education (NQF 7) – Accounting; Taxation; Auditing; Law; Supply
  • Chain; Industrial Engineering; Computer Science; Data Science; Data
  • Investigation; Artificial Intelligence; Actuarial Science; LLB; Digital
  • Change; Forensic Auditing/Investigation; Risk Management
  • Praises Degree (NQF 8) – Accounting; Taxation; Computer Science; Data Science; Economics; Econometrics; Applied Mathematics; Quantitative Investigation.


Provide both your curriculum vitae and an inspiration or cover letter that explains why you would be an excellent candidate for the program

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