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How To Join Scooper News-A Step By Step Guide

How to join scooper news as a content writer and make money.


The dream of every internet users is to find an opportunity to make money online. So today I’m going to introduce to you to one of the most Legit and easiest way to make money online.

Scoopernews is an online news platform that give people the opportunity to publish article on the platform and make money. i.e you get paid for every successful article you published.

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Please Note. To make money on scoopernews is extremely easy but you must do your part by putting in yours efforts and dedication. So if you are new to scooper or an existing members, it’s important you pay attention and read till the end.

How To join Scooper news

I’ve seen good number of people constantly asking how to be a writer on scooper news, how to register on scooper news or how to apply on scooper news.

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To register on scoopernews, there are some requirements you must take into consideration. You must have…,.

  • Email address
  • Active phone number
  • Original PDF file or Video link of your previous content

Steps In Registering On Scooper news 

To register or applying on scooper news as the case maybe is very simple. It can only take less than 5 minutes of your time.

Step1. Visit

Alternatively, you can visit play store or apk store on your phone and download Postnow app and continue the registration.

Step2. Enter your full name. (First name and surname). Pls make sure the name correspond with your Bank account name. It’s not necessary though according to some people but i think it’s very important.

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Step3. Enter your phone number and make sure you verify it by entering the code sent to your phone for verification.

Step4. Enter your Email address, it’s very important because some vital information like withdrawal form will be sent to you through the email address upon approval.

Step5. Career/Job. Here you’ll chose your career. It’s advisable you writer Content creator or Content Writer in the space provided.

Step6. Application Type. Here you’ll chose your type of application. There are two type of application.

  1. Video Creator
  2. Article Writer

If you chose video creator, you are expected to produce video content and if you chose article writer. You’re expected to produce Article/written content.

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Step7. Writting/video experience. Here you’re expected to talk more about your experience QST  in article writing or video content. Try to convince them that you’re perfect for the job.

Step8. Here is very important. This is where you’ll upload the sample of your content be it article in PDF format or Video Link. And don’t forget to select either Article or Video during the uploading.

Finally Click SUBMIT to submit your application. You’ll receive responds after about 12 to 72 hours.

How To Make Money On Scooper News 

Before you can make money on scooper news your application must have already been approved by scoopernews Admin. After the approval, you’re expected to chose from the numerous categories available on scooper news. Your content be it article or video will be based on the category you chose.

Bellow are part of the categories available on scooper news.

  • Career
  • History
  • Local politics
  • International politics
  • Crime
  • Boko haram
  • Celebrity
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Health
  • Relationship
  • Animals
  • Kidnapping
  • Religion
  • Books review
  • Sports
  • Football
  • African
  • Africans
  • Movie Series Review
  • Parenting Tips
  • Music Reviews
  • Religion Scandal
  • Fraud Cases
  • Technology
  • Car reviews
  • Business
  • Finance
  • General Political news
  • Opinions
  • News headlines
  • Local news
  • International news

The categories are unlimited but the above are few I can bring for now.

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So before you finally settled for any category or categories, make sure you do your finding very well and ensure it’s what you can easily find your way around it, because you can not Change your categories when chosen until after 30 days.

When you’re done chosen your category, you can further edit your profile by adding profile picture and your channel name for your readers to follow.

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In this section, I’ll try to answer some common but vital questions scooper writers and prospective members do ask.

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QUE 1. How much does Scoopernews pay per article?

ANS. Scooper news payment per articles varies. There are different level of payment. 

Starting from level A-D.

Level A will be paid $1 per normal article.

Level B will be paid $0.8 per normal article.

Level C will be paid $0.6 per normal article.

Level D will be paid $0.4 per normal article.

So basically, scoopernews pay you according to your performance.

QUE 2. How many words is required per article on scooper news?

ANS. Every article on scooper news must be 300 words or above. Anything less will not be accepted.

QUE 3. How many image and video per post?

ANS. Basically, each post should have 5 image in the article and 1 video + 3 cover image. Although sometimes they accept 3 in the article instead of 5. But to be on the safer side, be sure to do as instructed.

QUE 4. How do I get the video to upload in my article on scooper news?

ANS. To get the video is very simple. Just visit YouTube and search for any related video and copy the link and use it to upload video in your article.

QUE 5. When will scooper news payment commence?

ANS. The payment is every month. The payment process usually commence from the very first day of the new month and alert is expected to start dropping from 10th or so.

QUE 6. How can I fill the withdrawal form?

ANS. The withdrawal form is part of the link sent to your email address after a successful approval. You’re expected to follow it and fill in your Bank details. Here is the withdrawal link. Follow it and fill in your details.

And also, according to the announcement on scooper news, the official will contact you when the time is right for you to provide your account details.

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QUE 7. How can I avoid article rejection?

ANS. I don’t think you can avoid article rejection completely but you can reduce the rate of rejection by publishing original and well written content.

QUE8. How much is the minimum withdrawal on scooper news?

ANS. The minimum amount to be withdrawn on scooper news is $10. Once you are able to accumulate up to ten dollars before month end, you’ll be paid direct to your local Bank account.

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QUE9. How much is the dollar rate on scooper news?

ANS. The dollar rate on scoopernews at the time of this article is N450. This simply means, for every one dollar, you’ll be paid N450

QUES10. How does scooper news pay?

ANS. Scooper news pay it writers monthly and before you’ll be paid as a writer on scooper news, you must accumulate at least $10 before the month end.

QUES11. Is scooper news legit?

ANS. Scooper news is ? legit. As a writer, I’ve been paid all the months I worked with them so far.

QUES12. How to write news/article without rejection on scooper news?

ANS. Article rejection for repeated content has been a trending keyword on scooper news lately. However, if you want to know How to write news/article without rejection on scooper news, then follow the instructions below.

Articles are rejected as ‘Repeated content’ if they have been written countless times by other writers.

Sometimes they do not have the same exact titles but their contents are the same. For example, ‘Biography and Network of Wizkid’ or all other celebrities have been written countless times before.

And also Listicles like ‘5 things about Destiny Etiko you may not know,’ or ‘See 6 Beautifull actresses from Enugu’ have been written several times. They will be rejected as repeated articles.

If you’re going to write articles like that, you have to get creative with your headline and make your article more interesting to read.

As in-depth article writers, all you have to do is take a trending story or a story that has happened before and give it a twist.

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Explore angles that your readers would not have otherwise thought of.

By exploring more angles, you have more ideas to write and you’ll cover your 800 words. And this is possible with a little research.

For example, if a celebrity dies from an illness, your angle could be how celebrities don’t get paid enough to foot their basic bills or how they are broke and famous.

Remember, the more interesting and relatable your angles are, the better your article. And when your articles do well, you’re paid more.

Like I promised, I’ll keep updating this article as events keep changing.

You can use the comment box if you still have more questions that are not part of the one above. And don’t forget to share this article to help us grow.

Apply for scoopernews Here


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