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The Liu Ling Scholarship

Royal College of Art – The Liu Ling Scholarship

The Liu Ling Scholarship is a public research university in London, United Kingdom, with campuses in

South Kensington, Battersea and White City. It is the only postgraduate art and design university

in the United Kingdom. Moreover, It offer postgraduate degrees in art and design to students from over 60 countries.

The Royal College of Art is bent to celebrating change, cancel hate and promoting fairness of opportunity to all. 

Her  believe is basic to provide clear lane of entry to study across all programs for those

suffering from financial hardship and for those from a low class groups.

In 2021, the RCA gave £500,000 from its own operating surplus to assign a support fees for

individuals from Low class communities and engage Black and Africans and also diaspora British

applicants and those facing powerful financial hardship. Most Importantly, Information about the student support

fund for the 2022/23 academic year is also available here. see the website..  or

Call: 020-7287-7040

However, from the support of forgiving individuals, good trusts and rule and

also a collective supports, the RCA is proud to offer a number of scholarships. The opportunities of this

scholarships is specify and almost all to curb some certain Masters programs.

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Scholarships is obtain base on the following criteria:

  • Folder strength.
  • specific name of scholarship criteria or fee status
  • the strength of your RCA application
  • financial need (scholarship application)
  • Desire and potential for leadership


Students must hold an offer to study on a full-time master’s degree at the RCA.

  • Scholarships award for a specific program and entry point and cannot be fund without approval from the academic program and scholarships panel.
  • No correspondence is allow to enter regarding the reasons for their decision.
  • No appeal is allow, and once scholarships is awarded, all available funds have to be committed.
  • If successful, the scholarship recipient must meet the terms and conditions of the award in order to continue to receive the scholarship for the duration of the study.
  • Students need to demonstrate financial need at the time of applying for scholarships and looking to provide support to students experiencing financial hardship.
  • Scholarship recipients is also require a sign a scholarship agreement upon selection to confirm their funding.

In conclusion, the Royal College of Art has several awards and prizes which it advise on its graduating students. This include the Sheila Robinson Drawing Prize.

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