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Top 5 states In Nigeria With Highest Number of job opportunities

Top 5 States In Nigeria With Highest Number Of Job Opportunities-The rate at which people search for jobs this days is on the increase, this is as a result of high rate of graduate recorded yearly from either university, polytechnic and the rest. This made it difficult for people to get their desired jobs with ease.

However you can beat that if you know the Top States In Nigeria With Highest Number Of Employment Opportunities.

Searching ? for a job at random all over the country might not be the solution to your jobs hunting problem, rather it will complicate it and possibly frustrate you out of the labour market.

In this article, We are going to list out the Top 5 States In Nigeria With Highest Number Of job Opportunities based on research. So be sure to read it with an understanding till the end.

Top 5 States In Nigeria With Highest Number Of Job Opportunities

  •  Lagos State 
  • Kano State 
  • FCT Abuja 
  • River state 
  • Borno state 

1. LAGOS STATE. Lagos state is One of the Top state in Nigeria with highest number of job opportunities. This doe not come as a surprise because statistically, Lagos is one of the most populated place in Nigeria and Africa continent with about 21 millions and is also one of the most fastest growing city in the world and as such Many industries/companies be it public or private are being established there in other to use the population to their own advantages by selling their products and services to them. And of course the company would need a good number of employees to be able to meet up with the market demand. So As a skilled or unskilled job hunting candidate, basing your job search in Lagos will be a profitable move.

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2 KANO STATE. Kano state is another state with highest number of job opportunities. Kano State is The center of commerce AND is the second-largest industrial centre after Lagos State in Nigeria and the largest in Northern Nigeria According to research.

Many industries like textile, tanning, footwear, cosmetics, plastics, enamelware,
pharmaceuticals, ceramics, furniture and other industries. Like agricultural implements, soft drinks, food and
beverages, dairy products, vegetable oil, animal
feeds etc are established there in order to take advantage of the 11 millions estimated population.

With the above available industries and many more, you’ll agree with me that the rate at which people get employed in this states will be on the increase, this is because the company on it own can not produce without the involvement of manpower and that is where employees come in.

So if you are looking for State with highest number of job opportunities Kano state is one of them. The good things about this place is that both skilled and unskilled get hired.

3) FCT Abuja. Abuja is the country headquarter where high and mighty based.
Just like Lagos and Kano, Abuja is also one of the top state with highest job opportunities in Nigeria, this is so because, as a country headquarters, The security of life and property is 80% guarantee and as you know, no business oriented person will want to endanger his or her industry/company in a security challenged place, so for this simply reason, many people rode on the opportunity to established their industries there and also to take advantage of the over 9 millions population to market their product and services. More industry, more employees.

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So if you are looking for where to base your job search, Abuja is one of the recommended place.

4) River state. River State is another Top state in Nigeria with highest job. As one of the major oil producing state, lots of industries are located there. This industries like I earlier said can not functions without the contribution from the employees. So it’s an opportunity for more job seekers to be employed.

5) BORNO STATE. Borno state is also one of top states with employment opportunities in the country, many may wondered why Borno state of all state should be here after what has been happening there in recent time.
Well, the solution isn’t far fetched! The consistent Boko Haram insurgence within the northern a part of the state
especially Borno state, has drawn the attentions of both indigenous and foreign Non-governmental
Organizations to the state. Currently, there are above 20 indigenous and foreign NGOs, actively recruiting for various projects in Borno state. So been part of the list is definitely not by error.

Like I said earlier, searching for a job at random will only frustrate you, so
start hunting jobs in the states mentioned above. This is not to downgrade the efforts of other state and I’m also not saying every job seekers out there should relocate to the above  states. But just add a bit more diligence to your job hunting tactics.

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Don’t limit your job hunting within your state or locality alone, put out your CV’s and resume to any of the above states with highest number of job opportunities, and as you do that, do not forget to used the address of the said state in your CV and resume. You may have a relative who
resides in such states, ask them to give you a detailed address so you can include it in your CV.

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