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Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money In 2022.

Business ideas you can Start with little money-Have you been searching for a profitable business you can start with 20,000 or less? Have you been thinking of owning a business of your own but no huge amount of money to start with?

Search no further because in this article I’m going to highlight about 7 Top Best Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money and make money from it.
All I want from you is to take your time and read till the end.

There is this popular saying that said Rome is never built a day, this also is applicable to all the businesses and successful people out there.

None of the successful business owners today started very big as they had always wanted to.

They started small and expand it as they grow. You too can start small and expand it when the time is right.

7 Amazing Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money in 2022.

The list Of Top Best Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money are endless, if you search well. However, I’ll be discussing only 7 and I believed at the end, your quest for the search will be satisfied. You can as well decide to invest your money In one of the best investment opportunities in Nigeria and get high return in a short period.

Bellow are the list of the Top Best Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money.

  • Selling Of Recharge Card.
  • Data Reseller
  • Food business
  • Juwelry Business
  • Fruit and vegetables Business
  • Selling Of Second Hand Clothes
  • Cake Business

1) Selling of Recharge card. The demand for recharge card in this computer age is very high.
There are a lot of business communications going on every second, you can leverage on the opportunity and set up a business of your Own.


Start up Capital (10k-20k). The first and most important part of every business is the startup capital. Without which you can not move to the next stage. So 20,000 or less should be enough.

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2) location. Your business location play a very vital role In the success of your business. Look for a strategic and business location to site your business for more patronage.

3) Get a supplier. Intimate the suppliers about you Recharge card selling business and Initiate a close relationship with them. At Long run, you could even get the product on credit based on the relationship.

4) Advertisements. Advertisements are of many types.

i) Word of mouth
ii) Media advert

i) Word of mouth can simply mean visiting the people around your business area and informed them about your products and services

ii) Media advert is the act of using media platforms to advertise your business and services.

2) Data Reseller: The second Most Profitable and Best Business Idea You Can Start With is data reselling.
Data reselling is a simple way of buying data from the telecom company and sell it with little gain on top.
The good thing about data reselling business is that, you can run it online effectively.

If you want to set it up offline, You can use the Above steps to set up your Data reselling business and grow it.

3) Food business. Another Profitable and easy Business You Can Start With low capital is food business. Food business is a very lucrative business and it’ll remain till the end. This is because the demand for food is endless since we all have to eat to stay alive.

Food Business ideas you can Start with little money

i) Cooking skills. To start the food business after a thorough research and planning, you must be a very good Cook, because nobody will eat your food twice if it’s not well cooked.
So you can take it upon yourself to learn new cooking skills since you do not have enough money to employ the service of a cook at the moment.

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ii) location: The Success of every business lies mostly on where it’s located. So Get a good location for your Food business and site it there, it must be a very busy and nice place.

iii) Promotion/Advertisement. This is one aspect of the business that is most important, without informing the public about your business you’ll probably not getting much people to patronize you. And without being patronized, there’s every possibility that your business will not grow.

Let me give you one hiding secret that can easily help to grow your business.

It’s very simple but affective.

Just present a proposal or letter of enquiry to some organizations around you, tell them you want to be supplying them breakfast, it could be verbal or in writing form. Once they accept the offer then you’ll give them the estimated cost for negotiation if possible.

This secret is also applicable to all businesses, be it product or services.

4) Jewelry business.

Jewelry business is another lucrative business, you can start this business with little fund as startup capital and grow it into something big if you are very determine.

  • Start your jewelry business carefully with a well thought out plan.
  • Make sure that your business is visible to the target audience.
  • Create a memorable logo to represent your company in a competitive market.
  • Build a good social media presence by posting text and image content on different social Media platform.

This business is suitable and and recommendable for students. As a student in any institution, you can leverage on the school population and make your steady income which can be used to pay part of your fees.

5) Selling fruits & vegetables

Another profitable and easy business you can start with little money is Fruits and vegetables. Selling fruits and vegetables will not only earns you money, it also helps keep the environment healthy.   A day will never pass without someone stopping by to buy fruits or vegetables for themselves and their families.

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Pls note.
This business will flourish in areas where there is enough traffic such as in residential estates or close to higher institutions. With less than 20k, you can start this business and make a huge amounts of money for yourself.

6) Selling Second Hand Clothes (Okirika)

This has become a very lucrative business option for many young people.  In every town, business centre or residential area you are bound to find a shop, stall or mobile hawker selling clothes.

It is one of my favorite business ideas so far. Even with as little as 10k you are good to go. The trick is to start small and select items that can easily be sold such as children’s clothes or ladies casual dresses and tops.

Locate a very nice wholesale market where you can buy your goods very cheap through market research and you’ll be surprised how speedy you’ll grow.

Many successful second hand clothes dealers started very small. Decide on your routine such that you top up your stock regularly.

You can decide to operate by visiting your clients either in their workplaces or homes to sell to them.
This will eliminate the need to pay rent for a shop or stall.

7) Cake Business.

Cake business is another Top Best Business Ideas You Can Start With little Money, this business does not require much fund to start, all what you need is your skill and marketing strategies.

Cake business has been a leading business and has produced successful business women mostly in recent time, owing to the fact that no even today can be recognized/successful without the availability of cake/gift.

This business also gives birth to

  • Small chops
  • Doughnuts
  • Meat Pies
  • Peanuts
  • Chin Chin


 How To Start A Cake Business

1) Your skill. The first thing you need before considering starting cake business is how to do it. I know you can hire people to do it for you but it’ll cost a lot of money and to be on a good side, it’s better you learn to do it yourself.
Find a good and affordable place to learn between 3 to 6 months or less and apply creativity and you’re good to go.

2) Capital. After acquiring the needed skills successfully, you’ll need a little about of money to buy the ingredients, 10k should be enough depending on the quantity. Like every other business, you can start small and grow in when the time is right.

3) Marketing. Marketing is a backbone of every business, without marketing there is absolutely no business.
Find a strategic means to market your cake business.
You can start by printing a flyer carrying all your business details and share it among friends, family and social media.
You can go as far as visiting peoples offices and business areas to share the flyer with them

As a beginner, You don’t need huge amounts of money to start a business.

With the little Available resources or fund at your disposal, you can start a business and expand it as you grow financially.

If you’re pleased with this article, you can drop an encouraging words using the comment box and equally share with friends.


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