United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability Master’s and PhD Full Scholarship Programme

Application Deadline: 9 Apr each year.

The UNU Institute of Advanced Study provides master’s and doctoral degree programs with a focus on manageability. These projects have the goal of producing future policymakers and analysts, who will be at the cutting edge of global efforts towards a more abundant and prosperous future for a great deal of property.

Attending classes at a global organization U-IAS offers the obvious advantages of helpful research and practical experience, an international college within the framework of the United Nations, and a global and intuitive learning environment factors in the heart of Tokyo.

MSc in property 

It is possible that the Master of Science in property program will be a biennial program. This program will provide students with the information and practical skills necessary to contribute to the goal problems of maintainability. The program coordinates methods and assets from the sociologies and the regular sciences, in addition to the humanities, drawing from a partner degree creative, information space approach. The program is designed for ongoing alumni, experts, and professionals who have acquired the ability to seriously contribute to crafted by states, common society, the individual space, and additionally the world association and elective worldwide associations within the space of maintainability.

The UNU-IAS is looking for applicants who can:

  • distinct fascination inside the squeezing worldwide issues on the world association plan and particularly those of supportability;
  • a goal to seek after vocations in global fields publically administration or individual associations, just as the United Nations, transnational partnerships and non-legislative associations also as investigation and scholarly organizations;
  • the goal to proactively apply instructive examination discoveries to policymaking; partner degreed
  • a strong need to add to the goal of issues with respect to global climate, through an information space approach.
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I. Inclusion

For the majority of two years, recipients of the JFUNU grant will receive a monthly remittance of 120,000 JPY* to cover day-to-day living expenses. However, the student is responsible for covering the costs of travel to and from Japan, the fees associated with obtaining a visa, and the costs associated with health and accident insurance. The grant recipients will not be required to pay any of the coaching fees at all. * Beginning in 2017, the monthly stipend will be increased to 120,000 JPY from its previous level of 100,000 JPY.

UNU Rector’s Scholarship

I. Inclusion

For a significant portion of the next two years, the UNU Rector’s grant will provide a remittance of 130,000 JPY per month (the exact amount is subject to change) to cover day-to-day expenses. The grant will cover all of your transportation expenses, both to and from Japan. The financial burden of the grant recipients’ educational costs is shouldered by the contributor.

PhD in property Science 

It is possible that the Ph.D. program in property Science will be a three-year program. The objective of this program is to educate students so that they can become key analysts in the field of property science. The program uses a partner degree imaginative approach to manageability. Its goal is to demonstrate a more robust understanding of the issues by fusing global revision viewpoints, particularly those that relate to global environmental change and biodiversity.

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Grants gave through the Japan Foundation to UNU (JFUNU)

I. Inclusion

The JFUNU grant provides a monthly stipend of 120,000 JPY* to assist with day-to-day costs for a majority of the duration of the grant, which is three years. However, the student is responsible for covering the costs of travel to and from Japan, the fees associated with obtaining a visa, and the costs associated with health and accident insurance coverage. The grant recipients are exempt from paying any fees associated with the mentoring program. For the academic year of 2020, the amount of monthly compensation will be 120,000 JPY.

For a great deal of Information:

Visit the Official Webpage of the UNAIS 2021 Master’s and Ph.D. Grant Program

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