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Visa sponsorship jobs in Poland

Visa sponsorship jobs in Poland-Poland is part of the European Union, therefore, if your country of birth is not part of the European union parliament, you are required to get a work permit visa or residence permit before you can live and work in Poland.

All you are required to get is the EMPLOYMENT VISA (NATIONAL VISA, D TYPE) at your nearest consulate of Poland in your country.  This type of visa is given based on the Voivodeship invitation (Wojewódzki zaproszenie) certified by the Voivode (local Governor of the Polish administrative division, which is equivalent to a “province or state” in other countries. 

The company willing to hire you as a foreign citizen will submit an employment application to the Voivodeship department of foreign citizens in Poland by company registration.

Available Visa sponsorship jobs in Poland

  • Departmental Shops worker
  • Meat Cutter
  • Butcher
  • Drivers
  • General construction customer shops
  • Production Line in Factories.

The Poland embassy will give you a “one year “Visa Type D with multiple entries, and it’s renewable further each year. You can apply for permanent residence with some reasonable bases.

Documents to be provided

  • Certificate of expert consultation of visa specialists.
  • Recommendation letter
  • Evidence of official invitation of the host country, certified by the Polish voivode
  • Insurance policy
  • Instruction, verification, and formation of the complete package of documents
  • Valid Passport (ALL PAGES )
  • Educational qualification ( if any )
  • Complete Bio-data or CV with Living Address
  • Father, Mother Name: or Birth Certificate.
  • Evidence of payment of all or part of the agreed fee.
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After submitting the required documents, the company that will hire you will review your papers. If certified by the documents, an interview date will be scheduled either by Skype video or Whatsapp video.

Obtaining a Visa Issuance Letter (Work Permit) is usually between 4-6 weeks. After the Visa Issuance Letter is issued, your travel agent will send it to you through Courier using the postal address you provided during the application.

When you receive your work permit visa, you must submit it to the Polish Embassy in your country for further verification. After verification, your visa will receive a polish stamp. At that point, you are welcome to Poland any time within the stipulated date on the visa permit.

Work and study in Poland

If you want to further your studies in Polish selected higher education institutions. Then, you will have to consider applying for Polish language courses.

The classes include Polish language lessons together with subjects related to future studies.

You may choose from various specializations, ranging from humanities, engineering/technical science, architecture, arts,
economics, medical sciences, and agriculture.

The courses will run for one year, from Monday to Friday, usually starting in October. The tuition fees vary, depending on the
institution and on average is €2500/12 months, which you must pay before the course commences.

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One good thing about Poland is that you can start studying at a university not knowing the Polish language. But before you finish your school program, be sure you invest a year in a foundation course at a preparatory department for foreigners. The foundation class can equip you for further studies in polish.

Document Required for Admission
  • Copy of document from previous education
  • 10th-grade educational documents +12th-grade educational documents (certificate as well as mark sheets)
  • Language Certificate if available (the language certificate such as IELT, TOEFL or others are not necessary but highly recommended),
  • Experience documents – if the student has a gap
  • International passport (valid for at least one Year)
Vocational courses in Poland
  • Hairdressing services
  • Food and gastronomy
  • Photography and multimedia
  • Food Technology
  • Travel service
  • Landscape architecture
  • Organization of advertising
  • Graphics and digital printing
  • Accounting
  • Photographer
  • Confectioner
  • Logistics
  • Hotel business
  • Economist
  • Style and appearance
  • Fitness instructor
  • Wellness & spa manager
  • Instructor in biological renewal.

The above vocational courses can be studied in just 6months

Visa sponsorship jobs in Poland is only available for country who are part of the European Union Examples of such countries are: Aremenia, Belarus, Ukriane, Moldova, Russia etc.


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