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Washington Scholarships For Low-income Students

The University of Washington-Seattle gives the best Washington scholarships ranging from educational part time studies, musical and athlete studies.

Washington Scholarships For Low-income Students-The University of Washington offers the best  scholarships starting from educational part times studies, sports,  music etc. You are considered for a few scholarship packages mechanically as a part of your admission.

Washington Scholarships For Low-income Students is given every 12 months to undergraduates who exhibit exceptional educational fulfillment. The scholarship also extend to  students of Washington State schools who are in need of financial assistance.

Here is a list of the best scholarships available in Washington State:

1. Presidential Scholar

The Presidential Scholarship is one of the best Washington scholarships. It is a $10,000 award given to chosen Washington citizens who display outstanding leadership, network engagement, and promise. It’s renewable for as important as 4 times. Washington citizens are considered the most with their software.

The University of Washington Office of Student Financial Aid is offered to a constrained wide variety of undergraduate college students who’re prison citizens of Washington nation.

Approximately six hundred awards from the privately donated budget are given every 12 months to college students who exhibit exceptional educational fulfillment and monetary want. 

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2. Purple & Gold

The Purple & Gold Scholarship is another best Washington scholarship. It is offered to U.S. college students who aren’t citizens of Washington nation. The scholarship is a renewable 4 year award.

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The University of Washington recognize the value of education and the financial implications of going to the university in another state.

Their scholarship funds are limited to only talented student population of the state. The University of Washington-Seattle offers scholarships that cover a large range of educational careers, musical and athletic talents as community service and research activities.

Their scholarship programs are highly competitive as they have more talented students than they’ve got scholarship funds. Many of their University scholarship programs are restricted to Washington residents. however, there are some notable exceptions.

Purple and Gold
The Purple and Gold Scholarship is for U.S. students (U.S. citizens, permanent residents, refugees, and undocumented residents) who aren’t residents of Washington state and who will attend the UW Seattle campus.

The scholarship is renewable for four years as long as the student maintains good academic standing. See Purple and Gold Scholarships for more details.

3. University of Washington Diversity Scholarship

The UW Diversity Scholarship for freshmen is intimately supported via the salutary benefactions of numerous individualities, groups, and neighborhood businesses, conforming to Costco and Boeing.

It is the best Washington scholarship for low-income students. The scholarship award is worth $10,000.

The following factors may be considered in the selection process:

  • Academic record (curriculum, grades)
  • Personal background and community service
  • Evidence of Financial need, from the Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)
  • Residency in the state of Washington
  • Part of an underserved group such as students who are the first in their family to pursue a college degree.
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4. Army ROTC Tuition Scholarship

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps stylish Washington education is an advantage primarily grounded completely education supplied to UW council scholars who’re eligible and choose to serve inside the U.S. army as a commissioned officer. The best Washington scholarships cover complete tuition – resident or nonresident rate – and those extra benefits:

  • $1.2 hundred annual e-book stipend
  • $420  allowance every month
  • Recipients have to be U.S. Citizens
  • Between the age of 17-30 years old
  • Have an excessive ethical character
  • Be medically qualified
  • Enrolled as a complete-time scholar and in ROTC Military Science courses
  • Pass a bodily health test
  • With as low as 2.5 GPA to apply

5. UW Army ROTC Housing Scholarship

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps Housing stylish Washington education offers a $10,000 annual scholarship for housing and  extra benefits. $420  allowance every month. The best Washington scholarships offered with the subsequent conditions:

  • Applicants must be  U.S citizen.

6. Martin Family Foundation Scholarship Packages

The Martin Family Foundation helps the Martin Achievement best Washington scholarship and the Martin Family Foundation Honors Scholarship. The scholarship is designed to help outstanding students of Washington to complete their studies with ease at the Washington University Seattle campus


The University of Washington-Seattle gives the best Washington scholarships ranging from educational part time studies, musical and athlete studies. The  Washington scholarships packages are very comitative because they’ve more proficient students than their scholarship budget.

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