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Watchvideo – How to Make Money Watching videos Online

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Watchvideo-earn money. The internet is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. I have come to believe the popular saying that “the internet will only make or break you”. This is true because if you choose to use the internet as a tool for success, you will eventually succeed.

In the same way, if you choose to spend your precious time on the internet watching memes and TV shows that will not add value to your life, you will definitely fail.

Watchvideo – How can you make money by watching videos online?

Very easy!

I have researched and come up with some trustworthy websites, that all you need to do is to simply register with your email address. Add you account details, start watching videos and taking online surveys and you will earn in dollars.

Here are the list of the websites that you can watchvideo and get paid.


Registration is very easy and free. You will be requested to provide your email address and you account details which will be used for payment.

During the initial registration process, you may not provide account details. But along the process. When you begin to make money, you will be requested to provide your account details for payment.

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All what inboxdollars want from you is to watch videos which can be short films, TV shows etc and you will get paid. Since 2000, InboxDollars has paid over $80 Million in cash.


Swagbucks is another site where you can watchvideo and make money online. Swagbucks has been in existence for a while now. As at December 2021, they have paid over $430 million dollars.

Swagbucks rewards their members with free gift cards and cash for their everyday activities online.

You can shop in-store or online, watch entertaining videos, play games, search the web, answer surveys, and find great deals to earn points.

3. Watchvideo at Pineconesresearch

pinecones is basically watching videos and taking a research surveys. The site is designed in a way that users are made to understand that they are on a research mission.


  • Earn points for every completed study.
  • Redeem points for cash or prizes.
  • Learn about products before they hit the market.
  • Influence which products make it to the stores.

Pineconesresearch over you the opportunity to earn points for every study. Once you’ve accumulated enough points you will be given an option to redeem your points for your choice of rewards.

4. Watchvideo at Mypoints

Users of mypoints will not get paid by cash, rather, they are paid by points which they can later convert to cash. Users are expected to watchvideo to earn in points.

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Get paid to answer surveys and watchvideo

You can earn Points when you share your opinion by completing online surveys. Share your interests and buying habits with leading brands and merchants.

You can redeem your Points for Gift Cards & More. Cash out your Points whenever you want for your favorite gift card or get a transfer to your PayPal account. The choice is all yours.

5. Kashkick

kashkick pays you directly into your PayPal account when you watchvideo and respond tosurveys online.

All kashkick want from you is to find and complete your mission. From answering survey questions and watching videos. The task are limitless.

kashkick offers gives the lowest possible threshold payout. If your earnings reached $10, they will deposit your money quickly and securely in your provided account details.

6. Watchvideo at Earnably

Earnably has partner website sites where they will redirect you to watchvideo and sometimes they expect you to take surveys to earn money. The good thing with earnably is that they will pay you with cash, point and offers.

Their offers are very rewarding. They can sometimes give you an offer to get one one of their products on Amazon.

Complete Offers, Get Rewards

They reward you with instant cash and free gift cards for completing simple tasks, watching videos and answering surveys.

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How watchvideo earn money sites make their money?

Companies pay them to get people’s opinions about them. They believe that your insights help companies grow, so they are happy to pay you for your time and effort. All they want from you is just sit back and watchvideo, the money pile up as you complete your missions.

Companies are eager to get their deals in front of consumers like you, and to get your feedback. In fact, your opinions are so valuable, they’ll even pay you for them!

All you need is a few minutes and an internet connection, and we’ll take care of the rest.


You don’t need to beg for money anymore in this digital age. All you need is just a working smart phone and internet data. Learn a digital skill, put what you have learned into practice and money will keep coming.

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