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What is the Best Bank to get a Personal Loan with Low Interest in Nigeria?

Businesses require money to get by, grow, and compete with one another in the market. It might be for an expansion, to manage a large order, or just an injection of cash, to cut down that list. When you need a loan, however, always turn to the organizations with the lowest loan interest rates in Nigeria, regardless of the reason—personal ones included. Additionally, we have compiled a list of some prominent businesses with favorable loan rates to aid you in your investigation. Simply make your decision based on whatever requirements and services best meet your needs.

Nigerian businesses with the lowest loan interest rates

The following businesses in Nigeria offer loans at the lowest interest rates:

Paylater (Carbon) is one of the quickest online platforms for offering short-term loans to companies that need them right away. Additionally, they offer variable-interest loans with amounts ranging from N500,000 to N1 million. Their interest rates range from 5% to 12%, which is very competitive. Additionally, the amount you have access to is determined after a careful examination of your company’s cash flow.

– Business/home address
– Passport photograph

Renmoney: Renmoney even raises the mark by allowing loans with a maximum rate of up to N4 million and a typical term of 9 months. Additionally, there is no need for a guarantor or collateral, however you must meet certain requirements. In addition, the amount you are permitted to borrow is established following a background investigation and evaluation of credit agency records on prior loans. Their interest rate is between 4% and 4.5 percent.

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– Minimum and maximum ages are 22 and 59.
– A reliable source of income supported by bank statement evidence
– A reliable form of identifying
– Proof of your average monthly salary
– Credit bureau report on prior loans

Aella Credit
Aella Credit is a rapid loan platform that offers both individuals and businesses short-term loans. It is available in Nigeria and Ghana. Additionally, they offer loans with interest rates ranging from 4 percent to 29 percent for amounts as low as N1500 and as high as N700,000.


Your Bank Verification Number is the sole necessary fundamental condition for this loan (BVN)

Kwikmoney: With Kwikmoney, you may now use USSD loan codes in addition to an app to obtain lending services. To make services as accessible as feasible, it collaborates with banks, mobile network operators, and other tech firms. Additionally, you have access to 15 percent APR short-term loans with a maximum borrowing amount of N15,000. However, because their loan term is only 15 days, it is relatively brief.


Your Bank Verification Number is the sole necessary fundamental condition for this loan (BVN)

Rosabon Finance Quick Loan: One of the quickest ways to get simple loans in Nigeria is through Rosabon Finance. Amazingly, they don’t even ask for any security. They provide loans of N100,000 and higher with interest rates ranging from 4 to 6 percent annually.

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must be employed for a living
Minimum age is 21 and the highest age is 58.
shall own a salary account
lately paid utility bill
Authentic identification document
Tax ID pension account

Page financials: Before approving your loan request, Page Financials will walk you through a detailed 6-step process. Additionally, they charge a daily lending rate of 0.5 percent, which translates to a monthly average of roughly 15 percent or even higher if you are late with payments. In addition, they provide loans via a debit card that has N500,000 (or more or less, depending on your monthly salary) preloaded on it.

– Employment letter
– A reliable form of identifying
– Energy bill
– Payroll account

Which bank offers loans with the lowest interest rates?

Because commercial banks provide so many different loan alternatives with varied interest rates for each, it is challenging to determine the actual interest rate. As a result, variables such as the sum, a personal asset, the duration, a credit score, and many others are taken into account. Due to the low risk, commercial banks typically favor lending to those with significant net worth. However, some of the top banks in Nigeria offering inexpensive loan interest rates are:

  • GTBank (1.3 percent for salary advance loans)
  • Zenith Bank (9 percent for creative financing initiative loans)
  • Polaris Bank (2.5 percent for digital loans)
  • Access bank (9 percent for creative loan)
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The best loan provider for you will depend entirely on your unique demands. You should therefore thoroughly study the loan and its requirements before making a decision. Any of the businesses above can help you simply get the loan you so desperately need, whether it’s for personal or business use.

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