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Which bank is best for a home loan in Nigeria?

Which financial institution is the most reputable for obtaining a mortgage loan?

If you are interested in knowing the top Five mortgage institutions in Nigeria and have found this article, you probably want to own a house, are looking for the best mortgage offer, or are just curious about the top Five mortgage institutions in Nigeria.

If you have ever found yourself in any of these categories, then take a deep breath and know that you have arrived at the right place. I have spent the time and effort to investigate some of the most reputable mortgage institutions in Nigeria.

Because having such a large amount of money, which could take a very long time to save up for, is required for ownership of a property such as this, and because many people are frequently confronted with the challenges of buying or building a house, mortgage services are something that should be taken into consideration.

The provision of real estate loan facilities and the collection of payments back in instalments, which typically attract interest, are the two primary functions that mortgage institutions are primarily known for. Depending on the packages and/or the mortgage lending institution, the payment of the instalment may be required on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis.

The following is a list of the top five mortgage institutions in Nigeria, along with instructions on how to obtain their respective mortgage packages:

1. FBN Mortgages

FBN Mortages, which was formerly known as Nigeria Building Society (NBS), is the oldest mortgage bank in Nigeria. It was founded in 1956 and originally went by the name Nigeria Building Society (NBS). The institution is committed to serving as an effective vehicle in order to provide a wide variety of real estate and mortgage financing solutions to all segments of the population in Nigeria, and it fulfils this mission with a high level of dedication.

FBN Mortgages stands out as one of the best Mortgages institutions in Nigeria because it places a strong emphasis on providing the best mortgage solutions possible in order to emulate the market leadership of its parent company, First Bank, in the financial services industry.

If you are looking for a mortgage loan in Nigeria with the best rates, then FBN Mortgage is the perfect option for you because they provide quality service and have assisted many people in acquiring the homes of their dreams.

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2. Platinum Mortgage Bank LTD

PMB Ltd is one of the major primary mortgage finance companies in Nigeria. It was established in 1992 and registered with the corporate affairs commission. PMB Ltd offers loans and services related to home ownership.

The bank formerly went by the name Platinum Home Investment and Mortgage Ltd., and its headquarters were located in Lagos. It was given permission to operate by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMB) of Nigeria, respectively, under decree No 24 of 1991 and decree No 53.

After undergoing a process of recapitalization, the organisation was transformed into a primary mortgage institution. It now offers products, services, and indispensable professional management that are more impressive and innovative. Platinum Mortgage Bank has been in business for over 25 years, making it one of the most experienced and well-established financial institutions in Nigeria in the field of mortgage lending.

3. Abbey Mortgage Bank

Abbey is a mortgage bank that has been approved to participate in the National Housing Funding (NHF) on-lending facilities. These facilities serve as an efficient means of providing a variety of mortgage and investment services to individuals and corporate organisations. Abbey has been approved to participate in these facilities.

The financial institution provides a wide variety of services, such as Popular Savings, Fixed Savings Account, EasySave, Home Account,KidSave, EasySave Plus, Children Savings, and so on; consequently, if you are interested in placing an order for products or services that are more interesting and satisfying than mortgages, you should consider Abbey Mortgage Bank. for example, the kidzSave.

The KidzSave is an investment product that offers returns of up to 5% and makes it possible for you to protect the future of your children. You have until your children reach the age of 18 to put away at least one thousand dollars per month for them. The bank is also one of the seven national non-aligned primary mortgage banks, and as a result, they are ideal. This authorization comes from both the CBN and the FMBN.


4. FirstTrust Mortgage Bank Plc

2019 will see the completion of the merger between FirstTrust Mortgage Bank and TrustBond Mortgage Bank PLC, which will result in the formation of FirstTrust Mortgage Bank. The combined entities have a rich history dating all the way back to the year 2003. The institution is committed to meeting the financial requirements of Nigerians, specifically in the realm of mortgage and other loan services, and possesses a robust capital base as well as assets totaling more than N20 billion.

They are one of the best mortgage institutions in Nigeria because they make it possible for people to gain stability through home ownership, which contributes to the development of the country. As a result, they are one of the best mortgage institutions in Nigeria.

FirstTrust Mortgage Bank PLC’s mission statement reads as follows: “beyond the regular delivery of mortgage and real estate financial services leveraging disruptive technology and our people.” The company’s hope is to accomplish this by going “beyond the regular delivery of mortgage and real estate financial services.”

5. Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria

By providing Nigerians with access to mortgage financing, Federal Mortgage Bank makes it easier for them to become homeowners. The financial institution that provides mortgages runs as a bank that is focused on making a profit, and it is dedicated to serving customers in all parts of Nigeria.

Recently, an agreement for a strategic partnership between the company and FHF Nigeria was signed, and the goal of the partnership is to broaden the range of affordable housing options available to customers in Nigeria. It is possible that this information will be of interest to you. This mortgage institution has been around for a very long time, and in fact it is the oldest of all of them. It was established in 1956 during the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo to take the place of the Nigeria Building Society.

It is regarded as the highest mortgage financing institution in Nigeria, and it exercises control over and is responsible for the regulation of all primary mortgage institutions in the country. The mortgage is ideal due to its exclusive vision of becoming the most preferred mortgage institution that offers affordable access to home ownership. This makes the mortgage very attractive.


Why should you buy a house of your own?

The COVID19 pandemic, which ignited the real estate market like rockets, is a significant factor that should be taken into consideration. In comparison to the previous 15 years, home prices increased dramatically earlier this year; experts anticipate that the boom will continue for at least the following few months.

It is possible for the value of a home to decrease, but this scenario does not occur very frequently; for this reason, real estate is regarded as one of the assets with the greatest potential for growth over the long term. Your equity continues to grow as you pay down your mortgage, which, after a certain point, goes down to the loan rather than the interest. Over the course of time, getting a mortgage can help you build equity in your home.

Because purchasing real estate is such a large investment and requires careful consideration of the various options available to you that are within your financial means, most people choose to finance their purchases using a mortgage. Maintaining a cash reserve for use in unexpected circumstances is a sound financial practise. Last but not least, you have a lot more privacy, and because you own the property, you have the option to renovate it (which is a perk that renters do not have), or you could even rent it out to make more money.


“Owning a house is a gateway to both long-term and short-term success,” but this does not come without associated expenses and restrictions. You are thinking in the right direction if you want to own a house before you retire, and you will be able to make your dreams come true through the use of a mortgage.

In Nigeria, there is a large number of financial institutions that provide reputable loans for the purchase of homes and other types of real estate. However, those that have been mentioned above are certified to carry out the practise and offer mortgage rates that are within reasonable ranges.

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