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Which bank is best to take an Education loan in Nigeria with minimum interest?

Banks Awarding Student Loans in Nigeria

Education is now more than just a requirement for survival. It has become ingrained in the culture of the typical Nigerian household, despite the status of the individuals living there.

Ways To Get A Student Loan in Nigeria

Education is expensive for the same reason that everything else that garners a lot of interest is expensive. As a result of this, there are now platforms in Nigeria where you can obtain a student loan to finance the cost of your education.

In this article, we have discussed what a student loan is and outlined some of the ways in which you can obtain a loan quickly for your educational expenses.

What exactly is a student loan, though?

The purpose of a student loan is to provide financial assistance to students so that they can cover the costs of their education and any associated fees. The interest rate on this loan is significantly lower than the interest rate on other types of loans, and the repayment schedule is significantly more adaptable than with other types of loans.

1. A Student Loan from Access Bank

The Access Bank student loan is an advance for school fees that is designed to provide students with short-term financing to cover tuition fees. The loan can be repaid over a period of one to five years.


Take measures to ensure that the learning process is not disrupted in any way.
You can get up to ₦5 million
There is the possibility of renegotiating the terms of the loan.
Lastly, there is the option of using remittance services.

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A filled-out and submitted application form
Your admission letter
Counsel on schoolwork and studies
Additionally, a letter of domiciliation for either your salary account or the salary account of your parent or sponsor is required.
a copy of either your employment identification or a valid means of identification that either you or your parent or sponsor possesses, as well as your BVN (See how to check BVN)
Verification of credit

2. GT Bank Student Loan

The school fees advance provided by GT Bank is a loan facility that is designed to finance the payment of your child’s or ward’s school fees for schools located exclusively in Nigeria.


Student loans of up to 5 million yen can be obtained, but the repayment period is limited to no more than four months at a time.
A rate of interest that is competitive
Direct access to the funds immediately


application form along with an employer undertaking form that is filled out and completed
Charges for tuition, the bill, and credit insurance
Last but not least, check to see that the staff retirement benefit is domiciled in GTBank or obtain a corporate guarantee.
You can borrow up to N100,000 at the most favourable interest rates available in Nigeria.
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3. First Bank FirstEdu Loan

The FirstEdu loan offered by First Bank is geared toward business owners. It provides adaptable funding for the purpose of modernising educational facilities and filling funding gaps while waiting for students’ tuition payments.


It offers a convenient repayment plan with a term of ninety days.
You will have access to a maximum of 10 million yen.
The only form of collateral that is required is for the student’s school fees to be deposited with First Bank.
The School is required to have maintained an account relationship with FirstBank for a minimum of six months, or with other banks for a minimum of twelve months.
Private schools that are in compliance with CAC regulations and respective state governments are the target markets.
Lastly, there must be a minimum of one hundred students enrolled at the school.

4. Educational Assistance from the Federal Government

Students in Nigeria will have easier access to funds thanks to the Nigerian government’s approval of state plans to establish education banks and student loan boards that will offer loans to students at reduced interest rates.

Additionally, the government gave its approval for individual states within the federation to start their own education funds. The establishment of a special intervention fund for people with unique requirements and the provision of additional funding for the education of secondary school students are among the priorities of this budget.

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To sum everything up

With all of these different possibilities in Nigeria for acquiring a short-term loan, providing financial support for educational endeavours should not be an insurmountable obstacle. The only thing you need to do is select one of the many online loan platforms that offer funding for educational expenses, and then check that you satisfy all of the requirements listed on that platform. You can make a more educated choice, considering the fact that there are several options to choose from, by comparing loan offers from a variety of lenders within a matter of minutes using this platform. This will allow you to find the best deal for you and ensure that your needs are met.

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