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Why Did Narendra Modi Not Honour Dr. Subramanian Swamy With The Finance Ministry?

Economist Subramanian Swamy has extensive training. He received his Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University, where he also served as a professor twice. In addition, he has taught at the IIT in Delhi. In the 1990s, he served as a minister of law and commerce and a member of the planning commission.

Along with being extremely qualified, Swamy is credited with liberalizing the Indian economy in 1991. Swamy claims responsibility for creating the blueprint for liberating the economy, even though Dr. Manmohan Singh is widely praised for his liberalization initiative. Swamy has consistently supported free market economics. Therefore, there is no doubt that he had some sort of influence on this crucial macroeconomic choice for the nation’s economy.

Despite what has been mentioned about Swamy above, even while he is a member of the B.J.P., he still exudes charm and personality. Even though Swamy would be a wonderful fit for the position of finance minister, there are some likely reasons for Modi to pass on appointing him.

  1. Subramanian Swamy occasionally sings the praises of Prime Minister Modi, but he is also well known for criticizing the party, its policies, and its actions as and when he feels it essential. He is a notorious agitator who can stir up trouble by making divisive remarks and using hate speech, something the administration cannot afford.
  2. It is well known that Arun Jaitley, India’s current finance minister, and Subramanian Swami do not get along. The two are always at odds, and Swami is well known for frequently openly mocking and disparaging the finance minister. On the other hand, Swamy’s inclusion in the party has been opposed by Arun Jaitley from the beginning. Jaitley has consistently criticized people who don’t appear to follow party policy and undermine the party’s internal democracy.
  3. Arun Jaitley is someone the Prime Minister of India trusts more than Subramanian Swamy. Mr. Jaitley is more than just the finance minister; he is a crucial political figure and asset to Prime Minister Modi. He also perfectly fits within the cabinet, in contrast to Swami, who frequently does not. Swami frequently outgrown the groups or associations to which he joined.
  4. Swami has a reputation for leaving organizations or political parties after a short while. However, since 2013, he has played a crucial role in the party’s efforts to resolve disputes inside the party and pursue legal action against the Gandhis. In the event that Modi is appointed as the Finance Minister, his tendency to be unpredictable could cause him to disagree with him.
  5. Swami is the founder of the strongly pro-Hindutva Virat Hindu Sangam. His Hindutva politics have a propensity to backfire and harm the party’s chances in the polls at key moments. He should therefore ideally be kept out of government settings.
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There are numerous causes…

  • He is a politician as well as an economist.
  • He is impossible to manage.
  • If he performs well as FM, he may even request the position of PM.
  • He is the only person to have overthrown alleged Gandhis and Lutyens.
  • He has no fear of anyone.

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